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  1. There should be a system to qualify into seasonal wars. A player must war in regular indi wars to earn points to be able to qualify to cast in seasonal wars. Right now to qualify into seasonal war. You only need to be on 20000 ranks. This system not working. Right now I noticed right away few PS allies not hidden. This players probably never war before and casting without knowing war mechanics. Players would gain experienced by forcing them to war in indi, KA and LL wars to gain points so they can qualify on next event. I hope devs would consider this.
  2. u mad cos we gna win ;)
  3. No it’s just a suggestion for next season war. War is 69 vs 69 so no one can tell who wins on start. Some will be inactive and be ako all war on either side
  4. yh im jking bud, gd idea, support
  5. You always want the rules changed if it benefits you. If the other roster had those ps with unhidden allies this post wouldn't exist. You are worse then the democrats
  6. Elitists! We have your common and garden eb fairy! We then have your osw guys, and then the occasional war guys and then the cream of the crop! Our warrior elite! The guys who live for war and put more effort into one war than the rest of us combined! And does kaw or indeed the rest of us recognise this? No we don't! Along comes a good war tournament and every Tom dick an Harry comes along and casts without a clue what they are doing! This ruins it for the guys who really put themselves out for it! So how do we overcome this state of affairs ! Maybe we should have a new woc spell? Warlord woc maybe! This casts a player into a war as warlord ! Then when matchups gets made he has the ability to kick say a percentage of his clan! Or leaks or moles or inactives ! Also guys who war should be easy to recognise we PREM war banner only available after say 100 wars ! Also yes PREM wars like this weekend should be only open to those who routinely war! A points system per war maybe. But I really do think the war guys should be rewarded better than the current state of affairs
  7. The issue with current system easily beaten by cheaters. There is some player who cast alts as PS not hidden allies. They cast 1 or more PS not hidden ally as their insurance of winning. When they don’t match their main. They dropped allies. If they matched their main they keep ally not hidden until enough time the other side ss their ally. They then hide ally. The main don’t need to strip his alt. Someone else will strip his alt. Then he just don’t bank and sko. You report the alt and get broken sword. Since you don’t know the main to report. Then you report the ps who leaked. The alt getting sword really not punished because it’s done it’s purpose. That alt have no interest of warring except on event war. By doing point system chances can figure the main after a while of warring. There is one particular PS done this many times. He get sword a month or so but he care less about the sword.
  8. You have exploited every aspect of this game for years, yet you make a post crying about "cheaters". How many wars have you cast your alts and opened them for your main in war? How many times have people reported you? You act as though you care about the kaw community, yet you have done nothing but exploit it from day one.