War match up

Discussion in 'Wars' started by _____________MuSaNg______IDD__, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. For few days now I been noticing war match up are so horrible. The match up so unfair for one side. I noticed for few days now one side far strong than one side. I was lucky the other day I’m on the strongest side. Today I’m on weaker side. I believe there is an issue with the match up system. There might be a glitch or devs mixing up a match up system of Low Land war into indi wars. I hope devs will look into this. The match up was good for a while just this few days is getting terrible. There has to be something wrong on matching up to happen like this often. I know this is not the place to post this. I already sent support about matching up glitch 3 days ago. I’m posting it here to see if this issue happen on other tier too. Please post here for those warriors having bad match up thanks.
  2. No need to cry.
  3. Its always been awful you should know this lmao
  4. If you were being matched on the strong side this post wouldn't exist. Cry cry cry when things dont go your way