War Issues Update - April 2020

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Corvid, Apr 21, 2020.

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  1. Hi all,

    We're going to temporarily set the time waiting in the War Clan back to an hour, in an effort to increase the overall stability of wars.

    Thanks all!
  2. An hour wait sucks but if it makes lowland wars work i guess thats ok
  3. lmao or u could just fix the time it takes to do a matchup? Is it a bunch of hamsters on a wheel running the algorithm?
  4. Nooooooooooooooooooo. One hour wait is aweful and totally a waste of time. 20-30 minute more then enough to set targets and get Team on the same page. I like can normally hop to a couple clans and finish Goth/Noth in the time where we will now just be needlessly locked in war clan. Uggggghhhhhhh. I would rather matchups occasionally fail or whatever you are trying to solve with this change.
  5. Just turn off app n do a favor to all
  6. I don’t mind waiting an hour I like to have time to plan. But geez, send us a login popup or something don’t hide it here. No one checks forums
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  7. It is obviously painful that the devs are more interested in money than offering a game that actually works properly! War already costs enough without wasting an hour ! Today was a shambles and not one word from devs! Thinking apes more like not thinking monkies!
  8. Glad I banked and signed up for war under normal pretenses, just to find out when I logged back in I missed deadline to leave my clan and you clowns think a forum post 1 hour before is communicating this change properly? Especially knowing no one uses these piss poor forums anyhow.
  9. Way to communicate this properly and in a timely fashion, a big screw you to all who wasted time banking for war, just to miss your newly appointed deadlines.
  10. Seriously 1 hour of waiting is totally unnecessary. Just way too much time wasted doing nothing
  11. Trying to be constructive here... whenever you release something new kaw slows down gets laggy, I noticed this yesterday and yep new NOB pots that no one asked for or needs they're ridiculous start by removing them they're unwanted think about it, pay to hit and now pay more if you want to be a tiny bit stronger, who is come up with this crap. Wars are fine and the matchups are decent enough with a rare mess up. Always seems to be lowland take my advice and scrap that war type as well as removing these ridiculous NOB POTS!!! Jeez cmon devs talk to your community the warring community didn't ask for it, the EB fairies don't need it, people rarely do pvp and if in OSW the odd strips you will maybe make a few extra NOBs from people it's ill conceived remove it.

  12. Oh and yeah... change it back to 30 mins we can all live with a rare messed up match rather that than go back to an hour.... also I would have just updated my last post but can't find the edit button 🙈 bring back the old basic forum which was simple...
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  13. Poor communication. We should’ve been told via a login pop up
  14. Can you be more specific as to what you guys mean by the overall stability of wars?

    can you give us a prospectus on what kinds of improvements we can expect?
  15. I’m glad we now get the notification every time we log in. Thank you for clearing things up!
  16. Done 5 wars since the change and nothings changed; and as usual, no response from the devs on this thread. Forums remain useless.

    Ps-Are you ever gonna fix the invalid session error on feedback? Been getting it forever now...
  17. lol devs don't do this kind of stuff
  18. Sometimes when I'm caught on glitch spies the game doesn't allow me to use them. It just gives me a prompt to xtal and at the same time my newsreel is showing incoming spy actions. This is bad because it makes it impossible to sko. This has been happening on kingdoms and allies wars.

    Ps lowland wars are the best because they're the most skill based war type.
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  19. this is known as glitch stuck, if you don’t want it to happen remove your ‘glitch’ buildings 👍
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  20. You've had over ten years to make this game stable if you haven't been able to yet then waiting a hour isn't going to do it lol
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