War etiquette

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  1. So is there such a thing? I get slated for hitting accounts that are smaller than me in OSW. Ironically by accounts bigger than me, hitting me, go figure lol
    But here’s the question, is there such thing as war etiquette or should kotfe cry babies just shut up and war?
    Discuss......all defamation will probably be replied to at some point lol
  2. My question is... Is a discussion still a discussion if defamatory remarks are laid out?

    Wouldn't it be more of a crapfest?
  3. Of course, it’s just more firey 
  4. What's kotfe?
  5. There’s a shock chubster 
  6. Bumped coz no-one answered the question yet 
  7. KotFE cry babies should shut up and war

    You know who you are @ Eclipse and Uprising
  8. I think hitting anyone over 5 times in this game should be considered a war crime and be a bannable offence.
  9. Or at least a tribunal at the Hague..:roll: