War Crystals?

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  1. So I recently had a good idea for season 6 wars. I forgot what it was and was trying to think of it, but instead I somewhat came up with an idea. My idea is that we have war crystals, someone had brought up this idea earlier and I thought it was a terrible idea, but now I'm reconsidering the hate. My idea is that you can buy war crystals for cheap, but you won't have to. War crystals would be cheaper to buy than regular crystals, let's say 10 war crystals for $2.99, so more people would buy them instead of regular crystals. The price would somewhat make more people but them, but that's not all. I think we should implement these xtals and you gain one every time you win a war, and lose none when you lose. As I said, war crystals are dropped when you win a war and can only be used in war. If people war a lot but don't xtal, they would have war xtals. You mostly have to xtal then, because there is no point in having 20 war xtals sitting there. I just thought it was a good idea.
  2. P.S you would still be able to use regular xtals in war.
  3. So basically, Crystals specifically for an on system war?

    Actually, might not be bad... Support.
  4. No support on the gaining 1 and not losing 1 xtal, the system with getting XTALS back works great right now especially if u have a good Ee u get xtal back almost every time, 10 XTALS for 3 bucks is hella cheap for everyone not 5yrs old so Ya that part is fine
  5. If your idea doesn't:
    1.) make the devs tons of money
    2.) make the devs tons of money
    3.) make the devs tons of money

    then forget it
  6. what about the people that dont like to pay to play? maybe they can have something that cost mith to regen troops? say maybe 20 mith or so to fully regen troops
  7. Support the idea of war crystals being cheaper than regular crystals. Will benefit from using war crystals during the last five seconds of war.
  8. Woa orginal
  9. That's why it is 1 war xtal every win
  10. No support