war #1 - 103 mil cs difference

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Bizarro, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. I'm fighting this war that appears unsurmountable. 103 million cs is a lot of combined stats to be down....

    Just thinking this should have been a no match? Or what?
  2. We all get bad wars sometimes :( There should be a lot more no matches IMO. But, we must fight on!
  3. Lol sometimes ?? It's almost every war we participate in
  4. Also, 8 of us can hit only 3 of them... What gives?
  5. 8 on 3 should be an advantage.
  6. Did you ever wonder you may have better bfa/bfe
  7. We have empty slots......... (I don't because my bfe isn't good already)....
  8. We also got unfair match
  9. The devs make me want to get drunk and eat ice cream 
  10. We have reduced it by 50M each I believe ??

    And bfa ?? :lol:
  11. I cant also hit anyone in this stupid matchup wth
  12. I can't hit no one in this war devs!
  13. I stand corrected 
    2 of us cant hit anyone
    6 of us can hit 3
    We have 21 of us on 29 of them 
    Devs, explain 
  14. Upgrade guilds? 
  15. You guys are winning?
  16. War isn't over till timer hits 00.00. Till then anything can happen.

    Kemba, get back to war 
  17. Go kemba you sexy thing
  18. When you war with GH there is always going to be a CS difference. And you alls BFE is way bigger than your opponent. JS.
  19. Bad matchups, bad matchups everywhere
  20. Devs keep hating please !!!!