Wall Art Competition!

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  1. Wall Art Competition!

    Purpose of Event
    The purpose of this event is to see who has the best wall art talent and there are rewards but are not the best. KaW is not behind me on this one lol. :p

    How to win
    Send in your best wall art to me which will be judged by unknown judges. Whoever wins 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th place will win rewards!

    1st place wins- An ally hire/ I hire ally and gets farming rights on me for 2 weeks (if wanted).
    2nd place wins- Farming rights on me for 2 weeks and a possible chance of owning a clan.
    3rd place wins- I hire away an inactive ally or you hire one of my active allies
    4th place wins- attack on me for a week.
    5-10 place- wins a clan if wanted :p

    Yes I know
    The rewards are bad I know lol but they might be changed later on.. You might have a choice later on, on which you can choose. Even with bad rewards you should still try it's just a fun mini competition :)

    Time starts and ends
    There's not a big time to do this but it starts May 5th to May 8th at 12pm EDT

    Good Luck!

    Good luck all! Also 1st place winner will get messages and 2nd place might also about another reward. Just good luck everyone and art on!

    timer until event ends- around 1 hour lol XD had to have some fun :p
  2. Unknown judges 
  3. Lol, that's kinda cool lol :p Unknown judge and your username is unknown
  4. So far we only have 2 entered feel free to send any kind of wall art even if it's bad ️
  5. You might still place but so far no.1 in the event has really good wall art! Join in if you want to win some things lol
  6. But I can attack you for a year so I wouldn't consider 2 weeks a reward.
  7. You could, grizzly but I would retaliate this event makes it were I can't
  8. Wall art is kinda garbage now since devs messed up their old "emoji system" where we'd all use IOS emojis by default.

    I made wallart but now it looks like garbage on Android :(
  9. True but it's still fun to do :p and that stinks :(
  10. Maki is the best wall artist.
  11. Winners of the wall art competition have been told that they have won, Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who has tried ! 
  12. I haven't been told I've won.
  13. Still working on it been busy during Mother's Day but top 3 has been told don't worry I'll get to ya 
  14. I got 4th place but I can't attack you :(
  15. I'm DTW at the moment just got done hitting HTE :p lol you probably will be able to hit in about 3mins
  16. (\_/)

    spaced out maaaaan