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  1. Dylan!! thanks for your silly yet accurate review️You should come into CC more often and use thatIt's guys like you that make the clan enjoyable. Fun CC's make people come to the clan, so I hope that all you continue to talk.

    Hopefully you win the free days!! CC Games are super fun!! Gets people outta lurking and a chance to earn 1-5 days in the clan️

    ~Much Thanks Vamps
  2. Lol Dylan I told you no one ever complained, and it still stands, thank you very much for coming by and hanging with us
  3. Thank you skinny, we are lucky to have have great guests and friendly Admins
  4. see my thread if you want an ex-admins take on the clan
  5. I would never seal anywhere except in my home clan.
  6. X_x is just a leech. Get a job and buy seals for the clan it's not fair to the members who actually buy seals for their legit passes
  8. I dropped 2 seals in 3 days, i don't want the pass I'm helping my friend

    You're not even a visitor, why don't you come try us out before you listen to one provocateur

    Meatball is mad that he can't farm our guests and not get his pass revoked

    There are many number of nice people on the clan thread who say nice things about our clan and our team of Admins who all do a great job
  9. I started farming your clan after you kicked me for posting the thread, dont try and make yourself look better. You are a mooching liar. 2 Seals in 3 days isnt enough to give you weeks of a pass lmao. if it wasnt a problem sealing why dont the admins have passes? cause they dont seal enough to keep them.
  10. Admins don't have to seal to stay, being an admin is generally considered payment. And as he said, he sealed for a friend, not himself.
  11. The clan hasn't been open that long, you need to figure out the end goal here and get on it, because you chose this battle and you've got yourself all worked up in a panic over something that you're not a part of.
  13. The clan page says something about being open for a year .. no?
  14. LMAO someones pm'ing just so you can defend yourself on the forums is nothing
  15. Yeah then i photo shop that date in there, I don't understand what are you on about
  16. Look time will tell if this is a good hte

    U can't run a hte on 3 day passes well unless the clan is stocked with good admins and owners

    So far they seem to b doin a decent job

    Btw if the clan owner is willing to seal for his admins and give out passes - it's their choice.
  17. She has dropped 4-6 seals and claims that its enough to cover 6 admins plus any friends she wants to join plus a random pass give away game..
  18. A date and pm means nothing at all lol. I can pm some dude saying YES you dropped ffa, wheres my proof lol u zzz