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  1. Did I wins ?
  2. why would devs want HTE clans to fail? They make about a million dollars a year off HTE clans alone
  3. Everyone get a life and stop causing drama. Move on
  4. drama = exposure, k
  5. Confirmed Marinara is working against VR for publicity. It's all a stunt
  6. Gotta say, just dropped in on VR coz of this post. BADASS clan!! Very happy with the way I'm treated, admin are on top of it, xtal all day, every eb, cc is bangin, and Vampy is lovely. Thx guys. Be here till after the 1st of the yr I think ;)
    Confused by the bad publicity. Just don't get it. All lies. Lol
  7. not lies at all, truth buddy.
  8. ok...
  9. Meat, U wanna troll post, that's ur prerogative, but otherwise, my opinion is stated as it REALLY is, not some child throwing temper tantrums.
    BTW, I'm not your"buddy", and I'm female. I'll ask you once not to disrespect me with ur foolish post, and my quotes....
  10. So you are saying i am lying about VR? i dont understand your point

  11. Ty rage for coming by and glad you found us on forums to leave a nice comment, and no one has any complaint but one troll
  12. Hey Rage!!! Thanks for your support! You are always welcome in the clanThank you for your kind words. It's been wonderful having you in the clan!

  13. Thanks Alia! It's been a pleasure having you in the clan!

    We do our passes as quickly as we can. Keeps the sealers happy and confusion to a minimumAllows the clan to run smoothly️

  14. Thanks Pony, this is wonderful feedback! I'm so happy that you enjoy the clan, we've enjoyed having you in the clan.

    Hopefully the clan stays up for a while, and all the admins are wonderful! Working together and everything. That's what makes it a great clan!!!

  15. A few people had complaints lmao.
  16. Congratulations on top 50 clan achievement vampy :geek:
  17. So close, but you forgot it's clan chat game only
  18. Admins better seal if they wanna hit eb to unfair otherwise