Voyage to DAMAS - Part 1

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  1. Hey guys! This is my very FIRST fan fictional story! So please, no rude comments! As well as any comments on how i can improve is much appreciated! Thanks!

    ”There were tales. Tales of a giant who could freeze armies, cities and crush mountains simply by stepping on it, of course, these stories are simply here to strike fear into the armies of Damas.”

    But, why are you leaving me and mama here in Sol while you travel thousands of kilometers to Damas?

    Sinister bit his lips. Thinking of an quick and reasonable response he could give to his dearing son. ”It’s simply a training drill. Damas’ armies have equipment that we don’t have here and will be essential for me to learn how to use.”

    As his son stared at him, thinking whether or not to believe his father. ”Then promise me that you will come back, that you won’t disappear without saying your goodbyes to me and mama.”

    ”I promise”

    Nodding his head in relief, his son embraced his father. Then backed off but held his hands tightly. ”What I’m about to give you will imbue you with the strengh of Thorak.” Sinister’s son then released a necklace with rough edges and a part of a heart trapped within a titan’s eye. ”Wear if to protect yourself. Promise me you’ll come back”

    Staring into his son’s eyes, tears ran down Sinister’s cheeks,”I promise, I’ll come back. I’ll always lo-

    “ROLLCALL BEGINS NOW” Shouted Hera, “Kula!”
    “Im totally not here!”

    Sinister quickly glanced back at his son, ”Love you. Be safe son, listen to mama and be a good boy.”



    As Sinister stood up, walking to the ship, he heard a cry from behind, ”IF YOU DON’T COME BACK, I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!”
    Sinister bowed his head in shame and grief as he boarded the massive ship with the different citizens of Solians. As he muscled his way Through the crowds towards his “Groupie” he heard a soldier snicker,” Look who it is, the senior officer who thinks he’s the best!”

    Suddenly, Sinister’s sadness imploded into rage, he grabbed the soldier by the hair and started to rapidly send punches to the gut.

    “Cut it out you two!” Hera cried from the captain’s deck,” Fight the enemy, not one another!

    As Sinister released his grip, he sent one more punch as a warning on board to stay out of his way.

    A Loud THUMP echoed the silent ship which finally rose the anchors. “Heh, heh...So worth it” the soldier panted before going unconscious. As Sinister walked through the lines, everyone moved out of his way until he reached his friends.

    “Ready to sail to our deaths?” Asked Earl
    ” The hell I am.”
    ____________________END OF PART 1_______________________
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