Vote on the Lay of the Rimelands - Part 3 (Equipment)

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  1. All the boot eq stats aren't very good, have you seen the rest of them? The new ones are better than all the ones I have now, quit complaining.
  2. Hey I want 10 quads of power, so I can go to New York city kick Mr Bloomsburg in but and watch him and all of NYC disappear in a flash of light. Now! That would be some boots
  3. Support. These boots blow
  4. I agree the boots are a total waste of space for those with better boots.
    For new players they may be worthwhile.
    So the way I look at this part, it's just a way to get silver bars and extra aqua and inferno for not much effort.
    All good with me. An event I don't have to chase that hard. Like the previous enchant event.
  5. I propose an increase in silver bars for each tier.
  6. ^Double support :lol:
    Let me HFLC, devs.

    These boots would do almost nothing to my bfe especials when I have to grind for them for 2weeks.
  7. update, a breastplate does almost nothing to your stats either
  8. @op. I took a look at your boots and event boots. All you have to do is make 2k whatever drops and you would get boots with better stats than yours and that's even before the first enchantment. Or are the boots you have on not your top eq boots?
  9. I thought the same, especially considering the massive stat boost from the chestplate and legs. Possibly buff boots or add in a helm / ring / trinket in to make it at the same level as the last two parts? I understand boots aren't the strongest equip but this seems too low to invest the effort for top 100 and so on
  10. Your right but I'm not interested in the boots you still get SB and everything else so what the problem?
  11. These boots are crap....
  12. The boot slot has always been low stat. Every slot doesn't have to be 50 million cs.
  13. Support for stat increase, boots are garbage. 40mcs would be perfect. Ideally a balanced piece 10m/10m/10m/10m for top 100 or top 10
  14. I would suggest to rather add a Second Equipment.
  15. ^ That is a better solution. On one hand, we don't need to see another explosion in eq cs but on the other, I can see why players don't want to try to hard for just those boots. Add glove or helmet slot to sweeten the deal would be nice
  16. Re: Revamp Vote on the Lay of the Rimelands - Part 3 (Equipment)

    Updated with ideas from the players. Have any ideas or feedback about the current event equipment post it here.
  17. No support. They would need to make next event boots even higher.
  18. This. Make an event with nothing but silver bars, I'll be happier
  19. Whoa. People actually do these events for the equipment?

    Personally the SB, xtals, crux and elements are the better part