Voracious Dreadmoth

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  1. This is a guide to the Voracious Dreadmoth EB nothing too fancy just a way of helping.

    P1: Juniperums Standards
    P2: Attack “Rattle Sabers”
    Scout “Moth to the Flame”
    Sleeping Potion on “Sweet Dreams”
    P3: Attack “Clip it’s Wings”
    Chalice of Life on “A Fighting Chance”
    Attack/Assassin Main Bar to 25%
    P4: Attack/Assassin “Stealing the Wind”
    Attack/Assassin “Defend Your Dreams”
    Attack/Assassin “Keep it Grounded”
    Attack/Assassin Main Bar to 0%
  2. Each Juniperum’s Standard costs 10 Nobility and does -100 to the P1 bar, As the Difficulties increase so does the size of every bar in the eb 😊