Volunteers Needed to help on a new idea! :)

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by sean893, May 1, 2015.

  1. Ashes iz nuub
  2. Op 2/2/13 np for being just so damn cheerful all the time.
  3. What is this?... i can be a better VK or mod. We should replace all of them since they suck at their role.
  4. Sounds fun! count me in
  5. You can't even be mean to Sean he'll just nice you into liking him.
    Darn Canadians.
    Anyways, I'm looking forward to your eb thread Sean. Although, I'd suggest getting a proofreader.
    Your text comes across as words thrown together occasionally.
    Not bad enough that nobody understands, but enough to aggravate my inner grammar Nazi.
  6. Indeed, I would join but don't have the time today. Nice to see you around though!
  7. Is the player who gives the screenshot chosen at random or do they volunteer?
  8. Post Update:

    The Reckoning has finished, the testing is complete and so the thread's purpose is now complete. I have gotten everything I needed to finish my official upcoming thread.

    Thanks to everyone who volunteered!

    Moderators! You can now lock this thread now as it's no longer needed!

    Bye everyone! :D

    Final Note: The official thread will be posted on the Fan Creations section.(Not today, though)
  9. What the hell is this crap?
  10. Wondering the same thing
  11. It was a thread promoting the testing of an event created by Sean893, but now it has served its purpose.
  12. I can't see the images in the first post. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  13. Agreed, he makes me genuinely concerned...
  14. Okey then.
  15. Makes me vomit.
  16. Support for the other half 