Very important question --- Urgent

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  1. Grate a big pile of cheese onto a plate.

    microwave plate till cheese is at desired consistency

  2. Order Chinese food.
  3. You're not hungry, you're just bored.
  4. A sandwich. You don't have to cook it. :)
  5. I'm at your disposal, eat me
  6. Lmfao you even made a damn thread about this?  Jesus
  7. Just cook something you would eat for breakfast :)

    Also why did selfie instantly derail the thread?
  8. Boil pasta. Drain. Alfredo sauce. Chicken strip or chicken beasts for 30 mins at 350. Add seasoning. Voila.
  9. Seems familiar
  10. Nutella hot chocolate which you dip chocolate digestives in.
  11. Just drink beer til she returns
  12. Box of cereal, gallon of milk, big ass bowl. Pour cereal into bowl then add milk to desired level. No cooking necessary and your good to gogood deed for the day done.
  13. Just turn cannibal.
    Easiest way to get food IMO.
    Go to your neighbours house and take a bite!
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  15. And also, you can order in the restaurants instead. Breakfast can just be a box of cereal with milk. Or you can search some easy to made homemade meals right?
  16. I heard cooked Eagle is good troll
  17. Why trash this actually pretty important thread Selfie? Go make your own forum post about it, instead of dropping it on here. Lol
  18. I think he shouldnt be reading this thread atm, we need this thread against him!
  19. Good idea. Show this problem to the mods and devs selfie... I am pretty busy to help you but I'll support it :)
  20. Support selfie.

    Frog? From what I've gathered you're a pervert 