Vampys Retreat, yuck!

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  1. That moment when you forfeit Tnk, to forfeit HTE, that's the moment you realise your management needs some work.

    Also, prep yourself for rude treatment and unjust wait times on eb, and also prep yourself to apply to the clan every time you go offline for 5 minutes, as they have to kick people with active passes to make room to have enough actual sealers

    Open to any discussion involving rude,or unnappreciative people.
  2. Words can't describe lmfao
  3. That's what they are used for incidentially
  4. I mean.. Its owned by a self obsessed moron what do you expect?
  5. I have never been to Vampys. I can understand wait times, but kicking people who have active passes? Lol, what?
  6. Op is telling porkies. Tampons retreat is the best hte clan in the game. The owner is generous and all items are always ffa for everyone and the admins seal so you don’t have to.
  7. I got kicked like 3 times in one night. I dropped 3 seals less than an hour before. It's a real pain when they have 120 people with active passes and only 100 spaces for them. I was stuck out for 2 hours one time. And this is all within one weekend by the way. It's time for another hte clan to prosper.
  8. fax
  9. Sorry to hear that.
  10. Well buddy, if you've been here in the last 24 hours then you've been hitting some Rotwb, and waiting to hit ebs just like me
  11. Weeellllll, considering there is NEVER a time where all 100 members are active at the same time, it makes sense to kick the inactive ones to make room for players that want to seal. It’s basically a rotation that keeps things flowing. It also states on the clan page right there that inactives will be kicked and to simply reapply when you’re back on.

    Also, I would like to note that no one is simply just dropped. We give substantial warnings in clan chat that we are going to commence the kicking of inactives prior to actually doing so, and anyone that doesn’t want to be kicked needs to fail an item on the eb if it has not yet been opened. It’s a pretty straightforward process tbh and it’s not that hard to understand.

    And as I’ve heard the excuse that “I was just active last eb” a few times, that doesnt mean you’re still currently active does it? How are admins to know you’re on if you’re only lurking and you’re showing as inactive?

    Players with current, active passes will never get denied entry, all you have to do is reapply. It’s quite simple really.
  12. So, if they were active last eb and then 5 minutes into the next one, they aren’t, they get kicked and should have to reapply? I understand you’re trying to keep the ebs going constantly, but if kicking people is an issue, shouldn’t you look into that before being dismissive?
  13. What is there to look into? It’s right there on the clan page and has been for as long as I’ve been here, which is at least last December if I remember correctly. We aren’t responsible for players that choose not to read the rules. Generally speaking, don’t most of us that are deciding on which hte clan to drop a seal at read the cp to see which one is best suited to our needs?
  14. Well, sure. But this sounds like an ongoing issue where it’s escalated to an extreme point now. All I’m saying is maybe you should listen to your sealers about what is good for them. Very valid points coming from active pass holders. I would definitely take their opinion on the matter into consideration and maybe try to de-escalate the issue. It’s worth looking into. That’s all.
  15. When a newly created alt clearly made by someone who is bias towards the clan with 2 posts tries to defend their clan instead of with their main>>>. Also OP just gives SS of the problems of you being kicked and ebs being forfeited before posting without any proof.
  16. Shut up Bermuda nobody cares your opinion ;)
  17. You are responsible to read clan page and rules before applying, don't act like you didn't know you can be kicked to keep things moving.

    Admins took your side when you cried about me talking to someone else, as far as I've seen everyone has been nice to you.
  18. all the proof you need is their clan eb history and my and their other members walls. 4 rowtb in 3 days
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