Valkyrie-IV the living meme

Discussion in 'Wars' started by WanderingWight, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. And I’m still pinning you while you hit ebs that everyone can see for themselves, just like they can see your all talk no hitting.
  2. You haven’t scouted anyone but them ebs noob
  3. Or I start hitting clans you visit maybe you fight back then ️
  4. ur so cool
  5. You seem to like me kas, I’m sure you have a main
  6. That feeling when you make more profit off the ally hire than the loss from the hits that follow haha.

    Noob AJ. Thanks for the bonus gold btw.
  7. Keep pinning on ebs and running your mouth in forums noob
  8. Still talking and not hitting, troll
  9. been playing this game on and off a lil while (probs added together about 4 years) and i'm going to be honest AJ ive never really paid attention to you but fr fr you a lil girl :lol:
  10. Shh noob speak with your main or move on, this does not concern you. I’m stating facts still 0 inc. move on lil troll
  11. charm farm :p
  12. Nope all my alts are 5-8 years old, let me drop build on some and introduce you to them..
  13. touched a nerve? :lol:
  14. Dayum AJ really raging today. This is literally funny as hell.
  15. Naw I’m cool, trolls like you make me laugh.
  16. charm farms like you that cry theyre not make me laugh even harder
  17. Awhh how cute two spineless noobs talking  your jealousy of what I have is glowing but not really a cute look in either of you️ block and farm Val you have disappointed me all talk and no inc. you are truly pathetic 
  18. it is what it is. you and your friends are the pathetic ones making this thread but if you dont mind me asking how did you get your charms then ;)