Valkyrie-IV the living meme

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  1. not all plans are schemes but all schemes are plans
  2. Update, AJ hasn't grasped the strip farm concept yet and it isn't looking hopeful. Just tried to strip farm me while I'm online for the 4th or 5th? time. Can't complain though, nice bit of side profit to rely on.
  3. Dang this is what I missed about kaw
  4. Val you are dense. Hit back please ohh and them were hire hits, no one cares if you get stripped 49t bum
  5. "i'M A FEmaLe SwEEtiE"
  6. ALSO, from a bystanders point of view

    AJ - 50,000+ steals
    VALK - >15,000 steals

    yet youre trying to give him strip advice? pffffft :lol:
  7. Good point, although it does kinda backfire once you realise someone with less steals is having to show someone with more steals how to strip farm someone. I've literally been online, had a 30t ally plus a bunch of 100k ones (for legend criteria) and see AJ strip the cheap ones before starting to run bars on me.

    I'd say he has no idea what a strip farm is because he's doing everything wrong. Oh, this isn't my main hence why I've got crap stats / battle stats / equip etc.
  9. eh cant argue with that then
  10. Speak with your main then noob been hiding if for 2 weeks now. Either it’s a lie or your hiding so I don’t kill it like I have with your “alt”
  11. Also learn the difference from a hire hit and strip, stripping your trash account of 60t is a waste of time and resources mutt
  12. Guys, it's just a game.

    You don't get internet tough guy points UNFORTUNATELY
  13. No tough guy points needed, this is about principle and respect
  14. Respect is fine and all but looking for respect in a tap, tap app is a little silly >.>
  15. Either way I’m farming this noob for 2 weeks so far and got 12 inc total all but 3 were fails. Talking a big game but not hitting very troll like.
  16. I'll speak with whatever account I want to thank you very much. Not having a noob like you tell me what to do.

    As you all can see, AJ appears a little upset this week, he's been yapping on WC for over 24 hours and crying over ATA Winston's wall haha. This new charm update got AJ raging like mad, finally the charm issue that AJ has been exploiting has now been fixed. As a result AJ's stack of charms (of questionable origins) are pretty much useless. I've definitely noticed a change in PvP with him which is pretty awesome.

    AJ mate, you truly are disappointing. You claim it was a hire hit and not a strip which is fine, but fail to comprehend that I was mocking you for the ally cost. You could have hired the 8T off me and hit a few times instead of stripping my 150k price tag allies and then running b2b bars afterwards. You just don't get it do you.

    Anyways this post is long enough as it is, I see you left quite a few replies to this thread last night alone so it's obvious you are in a raging mood haha.

    Sucks to be you.
  17. You still haven’t hit me, I been full for 30 pulse hours and no inc, wats disappointing is you, promised me a fight, a storm was coming... 2 weeks later all I have seen is 12 tilling inc, 9 of which were fails. But it is adorable I leave you for a day and your still looking for me... I know I have that impact on women. But sorry dear your far to trashy for me, just simply not my type. Anyhow I haven’t hit ebs and you still haven’t hit me️ classic KaW troll.
  18. Your allies were all crap, hired them all not just the crappy legend ones, spit your lies, but we both know how this one played out. ️ I’m sure I’m not the only one you have disappointed when you promised to hit them
  19. Crying again I see. Well AJ, 30 pulse hours sounds like a long time, if you meant 30 normal hours then that's total bs for a start.

    Next, you keep referring to this 12 Inc blah blah. That's a lie because I've sent you plenty of Inc, and I've definitely succeeded more than 9 times. But you wouldn't know it's me because I usually sb you to keep you under control.

    As for you hiring ally my allies, no. I had a 30T+, ~8T and 10-15 * 150k. Obviously you chose to strip the cheapest and then run bars on me, k remember clearly because I was online watching you make a ....of yourself and laughing about you in my cc. People there found it quite hilarious. Bottom line is, you are clueless as to how strips etc work, you ran your mouth and have been paying for it for two weeks.

    What's even better is that your exploit has been ripped out from under you and you're now getting rekt so so much worse than before. You are clearly butthurt and frustrated, easily seen by your frantic forum posts here last night (just after charms update) and this morning. I have no sympathy for you though.

    Now sit down, shut up and think about how you can get out of this situation, because trust me, I'm not going to make it easy.

    Edit: You keep confling yourself too, first you say I haven't hit you, then you say I've hit you [enter some completely fake stats], then you go back to say I haven't hit you. Such a fool.

    Edit 2: Nice "retirement" banner by the way, I guess it's true though. Devs did waste your time. Especially when time is...

    Edit 3: I make a massive reply highlighting all AJ's lies and stuff that doesn't add up while simultaneously making him look like a fool. What's AJ's sole response? "Ooh look you are hitting ebs I'm so triggered by that"

    Edit 4: You say I only scout ebs but you obviously know that assassinations are more common, I've seen you being an EB fairy doing b2b NK with crux running (oh yeah I caught your xstals a few times too what a great feeling). Oh, feel free to start hitting clans I visit, I doubt they have much to be scared of based off your efforts with me.