Valkyrie-IV the living meme

Discussion in 'Wars' started by WanderingWight, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. I don't know what's worse. The player who needs to make a thread boasting about someone who won't request a cease fire, but deep down OP really wants one because he can add a star to his moms basements wall....

    Or cancer.

    I'm struggling. Help me out.
  2. I'm a female 2 op sweetie
  3. I'm male if anyone is wondering o3o
  4. I'd go for the former, it really is quite tragic. Via pm one of the first things OP brought up was his main, in hindsight it looks like an attempt to scare me. I've yet to see any evidence of this main. If he wants a CF (which is blatantly clear now) then he just needs to ask. I've unfollowed him because our conversations got nowhere due to him always avoiding questions and changing the topic. But my wall is always there.
  5. But you were the one asking me to stop? Once again explain the screenshots. No I am not scared or don’t need to use such a tactic as it has been quite fun. Nonetheless I wish yah wouldn’t self pin your troops consistently but oh well.
  6. Straight man walking by here
  7. I've actually started leaving troops open as you've been slacking a lot. No I don't think you are scared, just foolish and dishonest.
  8. I gotta say, my nf is quite full today because of Wight. He keeps refriending me and every time I open app I'm given a false sense of hope that he's actually hit me for once.
  9.  @ this entire thread

  10. Meat shields don’t return inc bro
  11. Ded
  12. Wight, imma beat those cheeks js
  14. WanderingWight did you forget about me? I see you teamed up with AJ the Great Failure so it's clear you bit off more than you can chew.

    Speaking of AJ, I wasn't aware someone could mess up so many strip attempts in just a week and still not grasp the concept.
  15. Do we have to revive this or can we just let it die
  16. let it die
  17. Well there goes my fanfics.....
  18. hahahah rekt!!!! LOL