Valkyrie-IV the living meme

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  1. So for about the last week me and the notorious WC warrior Valkyrie-IV have been in a “1v1”. Now it really has been a landslide with him self pinning or me pinning him continuously. Occasionally he hits back in between EBs but it is better than my current enemies so I can not complain. Anyway, he likes to talk a lot of trash so let’s just put this all out there for anyone interested so when you see him talking in WC just refer to this. Next time Valkyrie don’t start a war you can not finish. Cry some more on my wall or PMs please and thank you. I expect there will be some sort of response from him as always so keep posted. As always, happy kawing!

  2. Asking me to stop in PM really shows how “fearless” you are don’t talk crap start a fight then ask me to stop but continue to talk. Sorry for the double post of one SS everyone
  3. Hmm could be excuses or could be truth. Would need ss of agreement they made to be sure

    Either way it’s good to see some fighting
  4. We don't care
  5. Rogue that’s the thing it’s all lies lol. He didn’t talk to anybody he just can’t handle it.
  6. If that’s true then this is more amusing and you should continue relentlessly
  7. Oh it is true. I have gone to council several times because once he stated that he was a close friend of a Lord and I should stop and nobody knows him lol
  8. He should ask for cf at which point you do the honourable thing and accept without talking trash or he should hit you back and you both go at it until one gives in
  9. If he asked for one yes then it would be over but he hasn’t and has lied continuously and then talked trash after asking me to stop lol.
  10. Alright, you finally got round to making this. I noticed a lack of Inc the last few days and figured you were hiding, maybe you were... Who knows.

    So first up, I did talk to somebody, a council member of whichever term you use to talk about them. They offered to step in to stop this but I rejected the offer. Next, they do know me apparently, my name was brought up in the last few days and they recognised me, not for a good reason though, but that's another story.

    Oh and I'm a friend of a lord or few as well, as for being a 'close' friend well I'm not sure about that so I'll let you have that one.

    Funny thing is your replies here constantly refer to this as all lies. Yet they aren' nice try and good look next time.

    One last thing, I haven't been active in ebs much, spent most of Monday out for wars too etc. And yes, I do pin, on quests. Haters gonna hate but it means you don't get to hit my troops and get a payout that is "better than what ebs give". Because let's face it, you were only there for the gold. I've been hitting you a heck of a lot too, but I'm not surprised you left that part out.

    One more last thing, funny how you left the screenshots out where you threatened me with a main that never materialised .

    If you are gonna reply to this it would be nice if you acknowledge what I said instead of changing the topic as you usually do when losing an argument.

    Ps, I'm female sweety.

  11. I can’t get anymore screenshots as you unfollowed me sadly. Talked to council? When I spoke nobody knew you so maybe it’s a he said she said at this point. Anyways what happened to you never asking me to stop? You said I was making it up. Here it is lol
  12. Well ask again, I say again as if you actually asked a first time  Like I said you always skirt around the argument. Where is that main? Why are you so butthurt and crying in forums?

    I have no issues with KotFE but I find you as an exception to the rule. Regardless, if you want me to stop then just ask, if not then fine. All this forum post seems to be for is crowdfunding support of some kind. I expected better of someone in your position.
  13. None of my business other than a spectator and supporter of fighting but, ss to back your side of the story would be of benefit

    P.S. didn’t know you were female so apologies for assuming you were a guy :)

  14. You literally told me to prove it that you asked me to stop in forums the other day lol so I did. I don’t get you someone in my position? I’m a 600mcs account with absolutely no power besides the actions I am able to put out on you. The main does not need to be put in anywhere as this account alone had handled you 
  15. I'll rephrase it, you bring shame to your clan with this behaviour. The main doesn't exist either just stop pretending haha.

    @Rogue no worries. SS aren't really necessary, and I won't be posting SS of any chats with council as it's rude. WanderingBlight here can easily ask around if he's willing to do so. Support the fight by all means, although this is just Wandering getting rekt at this point.
  18. Lotttta talk from a random meat shield.

    Lel wit yo nubby forum post.
  20. Also so much irony in that meatshield comment...