Valiant Knight achievement!

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  1. I would like to nominate Alice-- for the valiant knight achievement! They're really nice and make my clan (and kaw in general) a really fun place!
  2. u said rad 
  3.  I thought I'd be first to say something about rad. I'm def not rad now for sure. I'll never be cool enough for achievement now. *drinks nyquil and cries *
  4. I am awsom evrywun shud wote 4 me cos Im gud n u al suk
  5. If this achievement is for helpful and "rad" players, don't you think that a bonus for the achievement would be unlimited speakers (seems like a fair and reasonable bonus), to help people more in WC?
  6. This is a pretty sweet achievement good idea guys.
  7. Wow I think that is really cool thank you
  8. Not necessarily. One of the key things mods can boast about is the 5000 speakers that can be recharged once they run out. I don't think it's a good idea to give them speakers, since this is a mod thing, but maybe something else special that mods don't have would be cool and unique to the award.
  9. Ik this is late but i have to point out tht Wulf should definetly get one.. xD thousands of new players use his guidef and he helps alot of them in forums inclufing me :)
  10. Your not watching me close enough
  11. Your not watching me close enough
  12. Wulf should have this achivment and when does it come out ?
  13. CHINT. Hands down. If anyone deserves this achievement it is CHINT a truly selfless and generous player
  14. Does NOT
    deserve it
  15. packlad and Jango-Fett. Two great selfless jedi
  16. Kaw_Admin and Kaw_Creative
    Should get the achivment
  17. Its just another boys scout badge. Lame.
  18. Hmmm creating an achievement for "awesomeness"..The Kingdoms I find impressive and inspiring would vary greatly to others 

    Isn't this what a MOD or wannabe mod should do?.. How about actually rewarding MOD to these people that spend their valuable time helping others in game n forums.

    I don't see how this is practicable. How does one "monitor" a dynamic game to identify this behaviour .. Millions of PMs, walls, WC posts n CC posts of "awesomeness"

    Threads are static n can truly be monitored. So is this a Valiant Forumer award? Or a way to pacify wanna be mods that you reject ?

    Surely this would only be equitable if players could nominate n vote...just sayin