Valentine's Day

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  1. Sup forum doodZ. Valentine's Day is right around the corner this Thursday! Are you doing anything fun? Anything not fun? Talk about it here, if you like--I'm curious! Single or committed, romantic or utterly normal, exciting or a drag...what's going on on the 14th for you?

    Personally, neither me nor my SO wants to deal with traffic or reservations. We're getting Blizzards and then heading to another fast food chain for onion rings, curly fries, and maybe chicken for dinner :cool: We hardly ever eat fast food, so it'll be a special treat/event for us. Will probably then watch anime all night together.
    Honestly a pretty rad time I think, there are plenty of non-commercial days we can go out for fancier things, and not have to compete with loads of other people. The most important part to me is enjoying the time spent together :)
  2. my so left me :cry:

  3. I was supposed to have the day off to myself, to enjoy the simple life of being single, but my boss called me up today and told me I'll be working Valentine's, so that's where I'll be
  4. But kas, why did you leave me???!

    Bummer ice :( do you at least get a different day off in its place? Hopefully over/extra time is worth a bit.
  5. Well hubby and I typically go out the day before Valentines to skip the traffic and restaurant waits, and we normally get the kids a little stuffed animal and some chocolates. But this year we decided to do a family ski trip instead of the normal Valentines for us and the kids, but not going till Sunday. So I suppose the 14th, Valentines Day, will be like any other average day for our household! :)
  6. nope, no extra days off. you're right though, the money will be nice!
  7. Taking CHUNGUS out for dinner
  8. Going to dump gf today so I don't have to buy her anything. Money going to be used for seals instead . Bring on nk
  10. Eh, vday is far to centered on $$. Everyday is an opportunity to show your love to your partner and is vital for a healthy relationship.
  12. Feel sick
  13. im going to sleep
  14. Probably doing what I always do. Play video games, go to the club, make out, and go to bed.
  15. I’ll be celebrating my mother’s birthday  she’s an amazing person, no wonder she was born on the very day that’s declared Valentine’s Day  I hope everyone else will be having a great Valentine’s Day as well!
  16. Thrawn bby, you are my valentine

  17. You get that valid logic outta here! -.-
  18. I take it as an opportunity to do something nice together. We do that regularly, paid or free, so having an excuse doesn't change much, but it makes for good convo fodder at work lol.

    Sounds lovely with your mother, Moon! Wish her a very happy birthday from strangers on KaW ;P

    Demonn *_*

    And nice to hear from everyone :) days-in-the-life are always interesting.