Vaccines Debate

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  1. It just comes down to pharmaceutical companies are in the business of making money not cures. The more jabs they can convince people to have with their scare mongering the more profit for the share holders.

    There’s no money in dead people and there’s no money in heathy people. Sick people are the M.O
  2. You’ve made it sound like anyone pro-vaccine is spreading disinformation 
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  4. Or we could save money and let nature kill off who shouldn’t be alive or who will be sickly and save taxpayers money. :lol:
  5. Leave those Non Vaccine folks along... We need Population Control n do not want their genes mixed with the gene pool 
  6. Personally
    I dun see why vaccines are an issue. Vaccines are based on the body’s ability to build up immunity and defend itself from pathogens. This is a mechanism that that all living creatures have.

    Using vaccines to help the body to defend is not a new thing thus the argument that autism due to vaccines seems absurd

    I’m more likely to believe that the rise of autism is the result of...

    1) genetically modified foods and chemicals in processed foods and rise in usage of drugs.

    2) the rise of tech - stuff like WiFi, Bluetooth and cellphone; all these signals in the air, do they mess with our bodies in a manner that is difficult to observe on a molecular level. I can’t put my phone near my head too long or I get a headache. I can’t even sleep with near my head. I either keep my convserations short or talk via speakerphone. I wonder, most ppl put their phones in their pocket... very close to their reproductive region...

    3) ppl waiting to have kids later. We are told of risks involved with that ppl are still having kids later and later. Some think they can safeguard against it by freezing their eggs when young. But I have a friend that’s a fertility expert and we were talking about ivf and he told me to never do it. I was like “why not, doesn’t it work?” And he told me “it works but in his experience he’s found that kids born via ivf are different” I said “no way, if that’s the case why isn’t this something I hear about?” And he said “1) I’ll never say this officially cuz I make my living doing this and I’m just telling you as my friend not to do it and that your better off adopting and 2) ppl want to have their own kids and they don’t want to hear this stuff. Just reenfoces the case - can’t beat Mother Nature

    4) or maybe it’s not on the rise at all. In the past, ppl hid their family members that were different. They eithe me locked them up in the attic or sent them to wards - either case, they are hidden from society. Ppl don’t do this anymore. Possible that it appears autism is on the rise but it’s not rather they are not hidden away anymore

    I’m more likely to believe in these reasons over vaccines causing autism.
  7. Vaccines are unnatural but so is 99% of what humans have created. When the first neanderthal made a soear that wasn’t natural so idk what you’re getting at
  8. My wife and I actually worked with a well respected fertility doctor when we were trying to conceive. After $45k of various treatments, we were able to conceive and had a beautiful baby boy. What’s funny is, IVF didn’t work, but a bottle of Malibu rum did. True story, lol.

    Based on your post, I’m willing to bet your friend is not a doctor and most likely is a Medical Assistant. Doctors and PAs don’t speak in absolutes, they speak in percentages based on reported, scientifically accepted data. Regardless of your friends title, they are not recognized as an expert in the field. Feel free to contact Dr. Michael Synn (pronounced “Shin”) and ask him for more insight if you disagree. Just be sure to identify your friends title along with his company.

    As it relates to the topic, I brought the dangers associated with vaccinating my son up with his doctor before we decided to have him vaccinated. His doctor, Dr. John Kim of Northwest Medical group gave a heartfelt response. Before I explain his response, let me provide some context into the process (USA, CA). Before a vaccine is administered you must sign a document that highlights the dangers. It’s basically designed to protect two parties:

    1). The manufacturer of the vaccine, and
    2). The administers of the vaccine.

    You essentially have to assume all the risks associated with the process, whatever those risks may be, though not clearly defined.

    With this said, I was aware of the dangers associated with vaccinating our son and brought these up with the doctor, Dr. Kim. He acknowledged there are risks, and in our present legal environment, explained why we had to sign a consent form to have our son vaccinated.

    He explained the small percentages associated with the risk of vaccinating a child vs the risks of not vaccinating a child. Children having an adverse reaction to vaccination is extremely low but is a valid risk. However, what makes more sense? Not vaccinating your child to a disease and being certain that if your child is exposed to that disease they will contract it, or taking the associated risks with vaccinating your child and being certain that if they come in contact with the disease, they won’t contract it?

    It’s a terrifying choice to make. One that you, as a parent live with every single day.

    But truth be told, you’ll never know what fear is until you have a child. You constantly consider what consequences the choices you make on behalf of your child will result it in. It’s not easy.

    Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed and felt the pain caused to a mother when three of her five youngest children died in a plane crash. Brenda’s screams of agony were bone chilling and resonate with me to this day. She didn’t make the right or wrong choice when she sent her babies (13, 10 and 8) with their father, a decorated US Naval pilot, who piloted the flight that ended in catastrophe. It was nothing more than a choice she made.

    Those screams forever serve as a reminder to me that every choice I make as a parent has a consequence. Ultimately, I have no control over the outcome and have to make the best choice given the possibilities. The best I can pray for is my son will grow up to be a healthy adult and live a happy life.

    With that said, my wife and I agree. We would rather assume the risks of vaccination than assume the risks of not vaccinating our son.

    It’s easy to be an armchair warrior when you have no skin in the game. It’s not as easy when your choice has a real consequence.
  9. My question to all this if vaxing is so safe then why do they a two page list of side effects that are listed?
  10. ..... a lot of medicines have a long list of side effects simply because they HAVE to put every side-effect on it no matter how UNLIKELY it is. It is far far more likely to die/have serious damage from the disease than from the vaccine.
  11. This is true to a degree but vaccines really do help people and they have ended diseases that have been around for a long time like polio. Saying vaccines gives you autism is literally the dumbest thing. That got disproven and was an article written by a person who had no knowledge in the medical field.
  12. i'm taking your mrs
  13. For anyone interested in reality:

    This video helps to explain why vaccines are important in the world and why everyone should get vaccinated.

    At the end of the day I could break my leg by walking; does that mean everyone should roll around in wheelchairs?

    Absolutely there are side effects to everything, but if one of 10000 kids has a negative response to a vaccine I’ll take that any day over 10000 kids getting sick with a potentially fatal pathogen.
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  15. Depends on the vaccine if im for or against.

    The hpv vaccine is one im against due to fact it hurts more people after being vaccinated due to reaction compared to other vaccines.

    Also against flu shots unless absolutely necessary. Ive had the flu 2 times in past 21 years and ive never had the shots.

  16. If you and your kids are vaccinated......

    how are you/they going to be harmed by the same virus you/they have been vaccinated for?

    Bulletproof- a person could take your statement as your pretending to believe vaccines are good but you know deep down they are very bad for people.

    Either that or your dumb enough to believe a vaccinated person can die catching a deadly virus from an unvaccinated person.
  17. Believing something fake is real is just as dumb as believing something real is fake
  18. Vaccines should be optional. Good way to weed out the idiots!
  19. Yeah big pharma says its safe lol so must be ok
  20. Yeah big pharma says its safe lol so must be ok