Vaccines Debate

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  1. Clarify where I've misquoted you. I watch my edits carefully to ensure that the point of the quote is not lost. Unless it's utter jabber then I remove it because there was no use in responding.

    No, natural selection is not viable.

    It is not capable of happening successfully.

    BECAUSE OF THE AMOUNT OF DEATH INVOLVED and it would take hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of years for it to have some effect and it may not even happen. Or even worse another deadlier disease appears, one born of other diseases, or through mutation... Or humanity is extinct by then.

    So many theories, so little time.
  2. "merely said it was viable as you said it was"

    changed the whole quote :lol: i said wasnt. re-read and change it. and it could happen successfully and you know it, just would take thousands of years
  3. Just added the TWO LETTERS. No, you don't know it could happen and the death toll would not make it successful. The ends don't justify the means.
  4. death toll would be high, the end result would be as expected though therefore succesful, and no you didnt add letters you took them away therefore that part of your point was very irrelevant
  5. This "debate" is a waste of time. You're claiming that natural selection is viable, but you're failing to see that it's not optimal. Is it anywhere near as optimal as vaccines? No. Not even remotely close. Vaccines are known to work, and have worked for decades. There is no reason to not be for vaccinating people in almost every case. Of course, there are people who can't get vaccinated, but they should also be for vaccines due to herd immunity. You shouldn't search for viable solutions, you should search for optimal ones.
  6. The famous Winston, saw you was active and was waiting for a reply. May be a waste of time but is quite a high contender for the forum junk that gets put out these days, thanks for that though. And you dispute that natural selection is viable? It is a VIABLE option was my point, not an optimal one. Natural selection occuts on an everyday basis you know, works well for animals. and biologically we are animals soooo therefore it WOULD work, but yes i agree its not an option that should be explored at all
  7. The fact that this is even a debate still, just shows how deep BIG PHARMA has their claws in everything. Just saying.
  8. Easy answer, vaccinate people

    Next topics are; gun control, health insurance, abortion, flat earth, UFOs :-D
  9. hey if you want your kids to get polio then thats on you
  10. Natural selection
    To be sucessful: billions of deaths, thousands of years

    To be successful: a thousand peole dead in billions of years.

    Xoxo and Moist: number one totally checks out. I’m on board.

    Asylum: oh yeah, like, totally. where do you say you live?
  11. Google definitions...

    Would you consider billions of lives lost over the course of several generations SUCCESSFUL?


    How does one know with absolute certainty that a natural immunity will occur?.. Especially before we're all extinct?

    OP isn't from the future so they don't know.

    Look at the next term, feasible.

    Is killing billions of people and waiting AN INCREDIBLY LONG TIME to get results that MAY not even come. Something that can be done easily and conveniently?


    Op, doesn't know what viable or feasible mean.
  12. All I'm gonna say here.

    Experts generally agree that smallpox has almost certainly been around and affecting humans since the dawn of agriculture about 12,000 years ago (right around the time humans started living in villages instead of roaming tribes). Earliest certain evidence is from ca. 1500BCE or so, if you need mummy evidence of it. It was the scourge of humanity for probably 12,000 years--horrible, horrible illness, and most people expected to catch it during their lifetime.

    Worldwide efforts to eradicate smallpox via vaccine started seriously in 1950, following regional efforts to eradicate it (one country at a time) that began in the mid to late 1800s, depending on the country (but not all countries tried). Further concerted efforts were made through the 1960s, small teams dedicated towards stomping out ALL smallpox reservoirs worldwide. By using the smallpox vaccine.

    The WHO declared smallpox eradicated worldwide in 1980. 30 years after the concerted worldwide effort began. To eradicate one of the most contagious, long-lasting diseases in human history.

    Just sayin'. I'd take 30-150y to eradicate a disease over 3,500-12,000y+ any day. Not debating, just some facts I remember from history. Do with them whatever you want, I'm not your mom.

  13. BIG PHARMA fed you those facts. Fake news. Sorry but it’s not true.
  14. Idk man smallpox is terrifying no matter who talks about it. Smallpox, meningitis, and prion diseases are the top three entries on my list of "pls no infect me" (not necessarily in that order).
  15. Yeah. Prion diseases have no cure. Please no mad cow disease. Ty lol
  16. Or fatal familial insomnia (lucky me, not in a family that is affected), or kuru.

    No vaccines available for any of them either. Guess natural selection will eventually eradicate the need for legislation that minimizes the risk of BSE/TSE/mad cow disease in our food system though so we're in luck :^)
  17. Your last point there is correct. You are not a medical expert. Experts say get the vaccine. It’s a no brained. Tylenol has crazy possible side effects yet we all accept it’s minimal risk. Fact is these diseases are coming back cause of lack of vaccines.
  18. yup all your facts are correct too, as are all mine. the rest is opinion which cannot be judged as wrong nor right
  19. My source..Little Pharmer, states that the only fake news here is any SpaceBook "Phactoids" quoting Fanboy/girl purporting to be anything other than a troll. :roll:
  20. Vaccinations = Easy mode
    Manually infecting yourself then fighting it of = Hard mode