Vaccines Debate

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  2. But pharma has you all fooled. WHEN WILL YOU WAKE UP AND LEARN PEOPLE? This is no joke, vaccines cause autism and can kill.
  3. Moist is domber than xoxo
  4. Typical pro-vaxxer, can’t respond with actual facts and research, so they have to resort to petty insults and rude comments. One day you’ll learn the actual truth. Not today though apparently. I’ll pray for you though.
  5. The last vaccine shot i got i was not myself and wound up near the vegan food section o_O
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    Moist mite jost b the most dumberest eber. Hans down.
  7. No. Many people would die. Some people would survive but that doesnt mean immunity. But anyways it's all fun and games until a disease gets airborne, turning and endemic into a pandemic. Lol there's a reason there was less than a few hundred million people alive a thousand years ago, even though as a species we've had tens and thousands of years to populate(disease was the #1 cause of death). Also along the lines of natural selection. Immunity to certain diseases would take hundreds if not thousands of years. We do not have short life cycles as humans, so change takes way longer. We're not bacteria lol. Also you cant ask people to roll the dice and say "Natural selection", knowing that many will die.

    On a side note, population control is easy. Just have the Zaire or Marburg virus become airborne, made easier if they are an RNA virus( two or three small genetic changes can make it possible)
  8. Twas a joke my good sir/ma'am 
  9. well, youve taught me something. However, you did not ultimately dispute my point just stated it would take time and effort, is it worth the effort? maybe not. Still a viable substitution for vaccines though, be natural
  10. I don't think you're capable of understanding...

    Even if we stopped vaccinating our newborns now. People who are vaccinated become vulnerable, people who aren't vaccinated are even more vulnerable.

    Like a forumer said earlier. Without everyone vaccinated, there is no immunity.

    You wanna risk lives by going natural?

    You wanna watch people die for SEVERAL GENERATIONS when we have a solution now?

    Op, are you actually insane?

    No one has to die due to measles anymore.

    Legit natural remedies? You get whooping cough... Rough it out 'til you cough out blood. What about a baby with whooping cough?

    Actually stupid.
  11. First of all I stated I understood, and acknowledged itd take a lot to do but its still possible, no? believe youre the incapable one here resorting to calling me "stupid" etc. I dont even believe in anti-vax read the whole thread, stop getting upset and have a light hearted debate instead of trying to kill productive threads by petty insults
  12. No russian collusion
  13. I don't recall calling anyone stupid.

    It's not possible without an insane amount of death.

    You can't have a light-hearted debate when something involves actual death due to ignorance.
  14. my bad, called my idea stupid and called me insane. still unproductive
  15. You don't understand if you think natural selection is a viable option.

    The amount of death for this to be successful is almost insurmountable.

    Unless you, right now have an incredible immune system. You could easily become infected and die if your plans for natural selection were to take place.

    edit:This sounds like the start of a movie. Anyone wanting desperately to stay alive would live in Quarantine. Limiting human interaction severely due to several ways for transmission.

    Maybe airbourne pathogens blah blah blah
  16. it may not be a suitable option and ive said that but its still an option and a viable one too. Yes would take thousands of years and maybe billions of deaths as said before, nevertheless still a viable option though

    Definition of Viable
  17. So I think we've determined that op is interested in causing a global epidemic capable of wiping out millions or maybe billions.
  18. you're all for the jokes... especially when youre clearly wrong. didnt say i wanted to or even suggest we should. merely said it was viable as you wrongly said it wasnt. Again, read the thread all you'l notice im not even anti-vax, doing this to breathe a little light into forums
  19. Huh, you don't want natural selection? Then what do you want then? Weren't you harping on it for several pages?
    Where did I say it was viable? If anything, I think natural selection is not viable in any way, shape or form, due to the amount of death necessary.

    If you're not anti-vax. What are we arguing about?
  20. lol firstly you mis-quoted me, ive had mods threaten silences on me for that so id change it if i was you. And we're not arguing merely debating for the sake of forums, as ive "harped" on about for the last few pages. and just because its a great cost for natural selection doesnt mean its not viable, the actual definition means possible. its possible yes?