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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Persimmon, Dec 12, 2015.

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  1. Well I just came back from being inactive for probably 2 years to find my username changed to Xdsaf. It was originally X. I have purchased nobility and many expensive packs in the past so I am kind of shocked that ATA would give someone else my username. Is this a standard practice? I thought those who purchased stuff were not in danger of having their names stolen.
  2. I thought if u bought a pro pack your acct and username were safe ...maybe not

    IN B4 LOCK
  3. Yah same. Kind of sucks.
    I believe I bought nearly all of the packs except one of the $50 ones.

    Spent over $100 total I believe.
  4. Email support.
  5. Unfortunately if you're inactive for a period of time, it's generally assumed that you aren't going to return. So yes, your username was freed up due to your inactivity and given to someone that is/was active.
  6. Do they ever offer Nobility points to change names if yours is taken? Because Xsdaf is a pretty crappy name.
  7. Never seen it happen before if someone's been inactive for long period of time we can email support to take their name? about dead clans? couple/few clan names i'ld like to take
  8. Why'ld you choose it? lol
  9. That is ridiculous. After spending over $100 I would expect them to at least let me hold on to my username.
  10. lol like "Bacon" ...check it out only owner acct is on roster and it's a banned or reset acct (can't even click on it)
  11. Can't tell if you're joking. They changed my name to Xdsfa after taking my original name, X, and giving it to someone else.
  12. I had bought pro-packs and most of my 5 years I was inactive, longest maybe 2 years+, and my account remains.

    The common understanding among players was that if you do have a pro-pack, u r not going to get the reset treatment.

    Maybe kaw_community or kaw_admin can help to give a definite answer on this.
  13. Seems like the person who requested my username was a large spender. Lesson learned — if you spend a lot, you can steal anyone's username. Nice!
  14. OK... This looks to be a case of someone emailing devs to give them the right to the name. Maybe you can email to clear things up.
  15. This is true, however email support and tell them you'd like for it to reversed and it shall be done, given you had the name first. I've helped a few with similar inquires such as these and their names were reversed.


    Let devs know, chaos has assured you that it can be reverted to your original status. Worry not!
  16. Perhaps before you make assumptions, emails the devs Give your username, game and issue. They'll be able to help more than we can.

    I've never heard of them taking someone else's name. As far as I know, they only reset non pro pack accounts. But they'll be able to clear up the issue better than we can :)
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