USA vs China and Russia

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  1. Us has more nukes and power than any 1 else what will matter..

    Once nuke bomb will get deploy..

    Russia will nuke us
    Us will nuke russia
    India will nuke pakistan
    Pakistan will nuke india
    Koreas will nuke each other
    Russia will nuke europe
    Middle east will nuke us.

    Dont see any 1 surviving this many nukes..

  2. Try to sound literate when you chat you idiot really makes you look dumber then you are (which is pretty damn dumb) 

    So what crap has been loser country are you from? 
  3. He's calling u a moron because you are one 
  4. Well they say roaches will survive so looks like Warbeast will be the winner 
  5. Youre dumb. Im with Ty. I believe everything i read on the internet too. Just like im 100% certain there are no secret facilities that the internet doesn't know about making some really cutting edge crap
  6. No winner

    Silly infatuation about destruction.
  7. Russia 7300 nukes
    China 230
    America 6900

    It would take less than 100 to irradiate the entire planet.

    No one wins. Everyone dies.
    World leaders know this.
    Unless trump gets in office this war will never happen.

    Future combat scenarios will be Russia extending its borders and reclaiming former States.
    The west will protest and do nothing.
    China will dominate the South China Sea and possibly annex North Korea in order to prevent the U.S. From doing so.
    The Middle East will suffer more destabilising conflicts and sporadic terrorist attacks will continue.

    Smaller more tactical units as is the current trend will be the military of the future, whilst some nations will keep large armies for show.
    That's all they will be.
    The true wars are corporate funded ( dig deep enough and there are just 5 major players ) economies will be the battleground as national corporations strive for profit rather than moral victories.
    Those wars will be private businesses not state lead.
    State lead warfare will be cyber attacks with specific targets to destabilise certain economies.

    The next world war simply is too expensive both in monetary and human costs. It will never happen.

    Ps Russia and the U.S. Just agreed to work together on Syria.
    And just months ago U.S. And China were contemplating combined action against NK.

    As for Russia's desire to fight. Just look at Turkey. Blackmailed into being their grunts or suffer further economic sanctions that nearly collapsed them overnight after they stupidly shot down the Russian jet.

    Smart move by Putin having foreign boots on the ground rather than Russian soldiers absorbing the ground fire.
  8. Bruh I forgot about this lol but thanks for the entertainment my fellow Americans
  9. Lost? How many casualties did America lose, and how many did Vietnam lose? Those idiots were just throwing more men in the battle. They had the numbers advantage but were massacerd by the hundreds of thousands, gee I wonder why???
  10. A war can not be won with troops on the ground, America has been proving this since the last war they actually won. The American civil war, which was hard not to win since which ever side won was America anyways.

    Wars cannot be won by superior air power, America and Nato have both been proving this for years in the middle east.

    That leaves Navy, Navy can move troops well and hit coastal regioned targets pretty damn well. But supplies can be moved over land. So this negates the impact from superior navy.

    That leaves us with nukes, america has better nukes. Russia has a hell of a lot more nukes.

    If you have ever watched the movie wargames you will know how this would end. As soon as the first nuke is fired the world is over.

    So in my professional opinion a war between USA vs Russia and China, we all lose....

    And the Devs win.
  11. Well this was one of the interesting reads for quite a while
    Gotta give it to those seppos...they believe just about anything
  12. Be like wow the homosapiens did what? Hmm nuke armed advisories, what would happen if they attacked each other. Some alien civilization will arrive at a fact and state a lessor civilization imploded on Resources that have no value other then what one asserts as its value.
    Given in first strike the American capabilities are far superior but American democracy will get in its way and we will fight a defense game, where's Russia at the moment with its leader will undoubtedly hit us first then china and by the time our leader makes a decision 80% of America would be destroyed , the idea behind the nukes as a deterrent or mutual destruction is an American ideology unfortunate that no other nuclear power really follows. Push come to shove we won't be the ones striking first.
    But given a true leader with cojones , if we did act first, game over for Russia, and China will not act, it will sit in the sidelines to side with whoever is winning, happened in WW2 and if it happened again, history has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Putin is unstable and Obama is weak. Future? Who knows, Hillary will be an extension on the status quo, Trump is the counter to the Putinism. But I hope humanity isn't that stupid. Mutual destruction , or extinction serves no one
  13. Neutron bomb.. Ahem, America has the planet killer. So... Nukes will be like those weak m80s.  but as I said  I hope not.
  14. You are an idiot, wars aren't won by how many casualties you get. It's won by achieving your objective and making the other side surrender or agree to terms. If wars were won by casualties then ww2 Germany defeated the Red Army, The British Empire defeated the Americans in the revolution, Germany won WW1 etc.
  15. Call me an idiot all you want, in war casualties do matter, half a million soldiers dead I believe more on the civilian side. After the war to me is what truly matters, nothing but chaos, millions of refugees leaving Vietnam gee I wonder why? That victory didn't mean anything in the long run
  16. Casualties do matter, in WW2 had a certain dictator not dealt Russia the way he did, that war might've turned out differently
  17. Russia and China
    Hands down because usa have there heads up there ass's thinking they have nothing to do but turn up
    Same goes for us brits another country that thinks it's the bees knees
    You will see eventually
  18. "half a million soldiers dead I believe more on the civilian side"
    killing civilians equals victory? I don't think so, if you had a good education about the Vietnam war then you would know that killing civilians just made the Vietnamese people support the Viet Cong and the NVA even more, it also helped turn the US population against the war.

    "After the war is what truly matters to me"
    After the war is not what truly matters, the state of a country after war does not change the outcome of a war. In WW1, France was a mess, buildings, towns in rubble. Millions dead. Does that mean Germany won? In WW2, Russian, British, French, Polish and many other countries had towns and cities reduced to rubble. Millions of refugees fleeing mainland Europe to go to Britain and the USA. The economies of Europe were basically destroyed and struggled to rebuild after the war. Does that mean Germany won the war? I could continue listing examples for a long time but I think you get the point.

    "That victory didn't mean anything in the long run"
    The withdrawal of American troops, the eventual collapse of the US backed South Vietnamese government and the reunification of Vietnam doesn't mean anything in the long run?
  19. Can we nuke the nukes to make the nukes nuke invalid?
  20. Wonder who hacked usa files...