US Bombs Syrian airfield

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  1. Because of what is happening in Sweden, Norway made provisions for its police force to now be armed.

    Its a big mess for everyone, including the Syrians which would rather not be killed by their own president, or whoever rolls past on a spree.
  2. Refugees aren't the oerpetratoes because they cant afford the weapons and equipment thats why they radicalize the people already in the country
  3. Just because they didn't come from the middle east doesn't mean they weren't radicalized by sleeper cells entering the EU. The refugee crisis makes it extremely easy for terrorists to enter the EU and create sleeper cells.
  4. Whatever makes you sleep easier at night thought right? Right?
  5. They get radicalised because of how much air time ISIS and radical groups get. They get radicalised because of how big a deal governments around the world have made it.
    ISIS best recruiting tool is the American government, the more they bomb homes and kill civilians in the Middle East the more radical people will get.
  6. MSM likes to use that as an excuse.

    It is true, BUT what they don't want to admit is places like Sweden that the crimes against women went way up and they try to cover it up. And yes there is arguments on what they classify what now, then they did, but what they fail to want to fight against is the increase in assault, trying to diminish it by basically saying you were assaulted but it was really a minor assault so don't worry about it.... The liberal mentality is just uncomprehend able. If they were the ones being assaulted it would be a huge deal.
  7. Yes everyone LOVES living under ISIS rule......

    How dare anyone take that away from them
  8. Bomb and kill civilians oh you mean bomb a ruthless dictator who actuall kills his own people through disgustinf means if you mean civilians in the middle east that way then yes, typical snowflake "Americas bad they just blow stuff up boom boom boom they kill citizens in the middle east with bombs boom boom" mkre baselesss facts to paint America in a bad way. Last I checked America was the only ones who had the balls to tell Assad to chill it with the chemical weapons ln his own people. But its America so they automatically get painted as capitalist greedy oil citizen killers. Get out of here man come back when you can actually have a factual conversation. And im not even going in ln you about your comment about governments making a "big deal" about it.
  9. I assume that those 170 killed by 17th March airstrike in Mosul was ruthless dictators, right?
  10. and I assume the thousands in Mosul that have been killed by isis and used as human shields had life so much better before we tried liberating them? You confuse unfortunate casulties of war with people who methodically plan to do harm to these people. But nice try. At this point im kind of concerned at how naive you are to world events. You seem to paint things with a very broad brush.
  11. ISIS wasn't a thing until America made it one... go troll somewhere else kid.

    Terrorism wasn't a thing either till America destabilised the Middle East during the Cold War
  12. Of course not. And you are right that was an unfortunate event. But the one before me was talking about how bombings can radicalise more people. I mean really. Those 170 had children, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, husbands or wifes. What do you think is in there minds? "Oh netermind my mother is dead. Was just an unfortunate event"?
  13. 1: isis was a thing. It just took the back seat to the more prominent groups.
    2: "terror" attacks have been happening for far longer than that. But with the development of the media some things do get a lot of air time.
    3: yes isis thrives off of publicity. You can even see them claim they are responsible for attacks they weren't involved in.
    4: do your research on the tomahawk missiles. I don't know how much accurate information you'll be able to get but just know that things could have been far worse. The strikes were strategically planned.
  14. I'm not buying conspiracy theories. Therefore I don't believe that ISIS is USA "creation". But I doubt that ISIS could thrive without the power vacuum left by Saddam dismissal. Probably if USA wouldn't rushed the Iraq war without having proper post-war plans, ISIS wouldn't thrive as they did.
  15. How did you guys in America go finding all those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
  16. What I think the overriding issue is, and that hasn't been spoke of yet, is who gains from this?
    The Syrian govt was winning their war against their rebels/ISIS as both were equally funded by the US. They were on a path to have peace talks.
    Why would any sane person choose to gas bomb his own civilians on an eve of certain victory? (It's been proven that the first gas attacks weren't by the Syrian govt btw, Assad had already sent all his chemical warfare agents to the UN watchmen at that time)
    Not only would such person lose face in the world but would foment hostility towards himself.
    Those cruise missiles cost the US taxpayers $2 mil a piece. I guess it's a small price to pay for reacting to an event in a far country that we have no business being in.
    It's all about oil. Always has been. The US/conglomerate oil wanted to build a pipeline across Syria without their consent. The Russians do as well. Those who are naysayers might be asked to explain why there's a US built oil pipeline running through Afghanistan and stops short of the Irani border, that leads straight through to the Irani equivalent of Houston. I know this because my best friend was a serviceman. He had to provide guard duty.
  17. Lol! Oil pipe through Afghanistan? That pipe line is ment to transport the oil from where to were?
  18. Anyone who doubts this needs to give themselves a history lesson on what brought us into the Middle East during the Carter years. Try reading about Operation Cyclone, and maybe go even further back in time, as our oil dependencies increased here in the USA and around the world.
  19. Can we talk about how Bush did 9/11?
  20. Assad gains from this of course, he wants to rule through total fear. They aren't on the path to having peace talks Assad is winning the war and he's decimating all the rebels he doesn't want peace with them. Also i read in an article the other day Assad probably didn't give over all of his chemical weapons, UN watchmen were only allowed into the facilities that Assad allowed them in, they didn't have complete access to his entire countries facilities they think he still has bout 200 tons of chemical weapons still, the article went on to say that their is another round of talks coming up and he wanted to put an end to the rebellion as soon as possible before he was forced to talk peace with them, Many nations were supporting him before this which is why he probably got a little ballsy and wanted to see how far he could push the envelope. I would post the link but Idk if its against tou to post web links and i don't feel like getting banned for a stupid reason