US Bombs Syrian airfield

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  1. The Syrian young men especially hate the regime. A young man does not support a government that kidnaps, rapes, tortures and sets them on fire while alive.

    The Syrian government does not work for their people.
  2. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is all tha needs to be said, WW3 won't be risked - the entire world would die️

  3. You democrats are idiots. A syrian refugee who was interviewed today said this about the travel ban

    If you guys really cared you would help us stay in our own country and establish safe zone's here. We want to stay in our own country, not come to yours."
  4. Regardless of who launched the chemical attack, there was apparently intel suggesting that the source was the airfield. So while some countries will blame Assad and others blame the rebels, neither was necessarily attacked.
  5. Unfortunately this had more to do with North Korea than it does Syria, Everyone knows that the USA will never act, they have proven it over and over with the Obama administration.

    Changing that perception with a president that is completely unpredictable gives the country back its ability to threaten. Without the serious prospect that we would actually do anything we have no influence.

    True or perceived risk to escalating to a large scale war with Russia gave the USA the proper amount of risk without showing regard for the possibility by talking for months with Russia and begging them to let us retaliate.

    Do I believe Trump cares enough for those children to start a large scale war over, NOT A CHANCE, but to prevent a large scale war with North Korea and possibly China, ABSOLUTELY.

    You have to go into any negotiation with the strong hand, Trump knows this better than anyone, He just gave himself the best hand to deal with North Korea.
  6. I agree with you on some things, this was definktely a shot across the bow to a lot of countries. This isn't the Obama adminstration thata just going to say "now dont do that again" over and over again.
  7. To all those that want Syrian Refugees in the USA, I have one question?


    when the money spent to help 1 person in the USA would help 12 over there, so WHAT THE HECK did they EVER do to you to hate them SO much??
  8. what money spent in the USA? Your argument base is illogical
  9. Resettling Middle Eastern Refugees Costs Taxpayers $64,370 Per Refugee

    per Center for Immigration Studies.

    Thinking that it is free is completely Illogical
  10. You need to re-read what I said. It looks like you're pro refugees then anti refugees in the same post. Im not saying its free?
  11. To all those that WANT refugees in the US why do you hate them so much? If you want a refugee in the US you probably dont hate them? Thats just my guess anyways.
  12. yeah the heck with the other 11 that could be helped with that money, let them starve and be in danger.

    The problem is it makes people feel good that refugees were accepted into whatever country, but its really not the best thing overall.

    So the American feels good, for indirectly hurting people. its just confusing to me.

    I'm pro helping these people that we created the mess they are in, Saudi has place for them until we can get isis taken care of, they can have security, and food that they like, and not be in a country that has people that are hostile to them. I wish that part of it was not true, but I am not delusional.

    I wish The USA did not even stick their noses into the whole middle east, and Bush was completely wrong for doing so, we are going to loose a lot more lives to get it sorted, or we let the citizens of Syria and Iraq die because of something we started.
  13. Where are you facts? These 11 or 12 people you just made up and the majority or Americans DO NOT want refugees in America. Look at whats happening to Europe because of the massive exodus of refugees from the ME to the EU. You're just saying things with no real base buddy
  14. What's happening to Europe because of the massive exodus of refugees from the Middle East?
  15. Relocating a Middle Eastern refugee to the United States and providing relocation assistance, welfare and education benefits for five years costs the U.S. about $64,370, according to estimates from the Center for Immigration Studies. That’s enough to resettle and provide for 12 Middle Eastern refugees in any neighboring country for five years.

    ^^ that's been reported, not something I made up.

    If you listen to MSM EVERYONE but the President wants refugees to be resettled in the usa, however I cant find any of those people.

    I think we believe the same things somehow our wires are getting crossed.

    Or my sarcastic nature does not come out in typing.
  16. Bataclan, what JUST happened in Sweden, Swedish police getting pelted with rocks in a "no go zone" trying go look for the killers that just murdered people in Sweden, they actually have those in areas with high immigrant populations. Idk man turn on the tv? Read a news article? If you don't know whats already going on with the disgusting political correctness of the EU turning a blind eye to problems then me talking on an app cant really help you
  17. Exactly, People that want to immigrate and assimilate into the culture is different then getting forced out of your home and life, and find yourself in a culture you probably do not understand and it is not working.

    the USA was formed by people from all over that came to the USA to make THAT their home and life, not just end up there and not wanting or willing to assimilate. Its really not fair to them or other countries.
  18. Bataclan? Perpetrators was french and belgium nationals. Nice? A tunisian who used to live in France since 2005. London attack? A british national. Yesterday attack in Sweden? An Uzbek national. You know? From Uzbekistan. A central Asia country. Nothing to do with Middle East.
  19. I think so too, I do NOT want any refugee entering US soil I agree with you there and a lot of Americans can agree.
  20. Yep the funny thing about all these terrorist attacks is REFUGEES ARENT THE PERPETRATORS. Its often someone born in that country and half the time they are even on the terrorism watch list but the government doesn't care enough to watch them closely.