US Bombs Syrian airfield

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  1. Dear Syria, I'm sorry for what our idiot president keeps doing.

    Dear Russia/North Korea, please don't bomb us for his stupidity.

    Random USA Kawer
  2. Wow. Someone is extremely messed up.
  3. 1st of all, as someone who has most of his family living in Aleppo Syria:

    Most Citizens don't really oppose Assad and don't believe that Assad did this. The blame should be put on Turkey and investigated more.
    I think that it was the Rebels, not Assad, and that Turkey had involvment.

    I like Trump, and voted for him, but seriously we need to stop meddling in the middle east and we can start with levelling Turkey and giving their land back to Armenia.
  4. From a neutral perspective, I don't understand how blowing up 70 mill in one attack worth of missiles and defunding Meals on Wheels, Public education and Climate safety agencies make sense.

    This is the same guy who doesn't want to take in Syrian children refugees and then wants to bomb Syria to protect them? Go figure. :lol:

    Children of God? You really think Trump gives a rats ass about them?
    Think. Assad gains nothing from hurting his own people, the popular opinion amongst Syrian citizens is that they support Assad. Dismantling his government only effectively strengthens ISIS and other terrorist groups in the area. Assad gains nothing from killing his own citizens.

    This is the same guy who couldn't stop tweeting against hitting Syria back in 2013. (Images below)
    *cough* Where was Trump's congressional approval for the attack?

    The same guy who said he's never going to take a vacation or golf like Obama did. Last I checked, Trump just got back from his 12th golf trip in 2 months at his luxury resort in Florida. Let the irony sink in. (Look them up if you think these are "fake" facts)
    Oh and he's spent more in 2 months on his little vacations than Obama did in 2 years.

    Let's not forget the staunch nepotism right now, where Jared Kushner is allowed to broker peace in the middle east, advise trump and act as a shadow diplomat. What are his qualifications? None, just Trump's son in law.

    Trump is as wishy-washy as it gets sadly. A lot of his voters voted for him because he strongly said he's going to stay out of wars and not attempt to play the global peacemaker and send troops to other countries to handle their issues. Heck, Hillary was the one who wanted to bomb Syria. :roll:
  5. Throwing my hat into the ring here, with a different and likely unpopular perspective.

    I've read about rumors the rebels were actually the ones who gassed the kids in Syria. After reading the article at the link below, I can see the reasoning behind that thought.

    Obama, Saudi Arabia, and then Hillary Clinton intended for an oil pipeline to be run through Syria to provide oil to the Europeans. This would result in Russia going bankrupt, since oil is their primary export. This is likely the reason that Syria and Russia are both allies to begin with. Syria would have to be disrupted to accomplish this. Many citizens in Syria support Assad. These are the folks who we in America would consider conservative and Christian. We have seen the agitators (liberal left) in both Australia and America, doing everything possible to obstruct the laws in both countries. It's not unbelievable that the Syrian "rebels" weren't agitators to begin with, and in less advanced countries would have more leverage on the population where there's likely to be less objectivity and higher rates of emotional response, making Syria was an easy target to destabilize. Another detail that stands out to me is how quickly Al Qaeda joined in the conflict once the rebels got a foothold against Assad. It's "coincidence" that the (ground) weapons Obama supplied to the rebels wound up in the hands of al queda, which broke away and created ISIS.

    We know that world banks are tied up in oil profits, so naturally we would find the global elites backing this also.

    I've read that Assad is claiming that his government air strike hit the rebel cache of arms and chemical weapons. IF that's true, what are the rebels doing with chem weapons? Who did they intend to use them on? If Assad hit that cache, anyone could have, including Russia or America.

    Now IS(IS) and Al Qaeda are emboldened because we're ready to bring down Assad and leftists in our allied countries, as well as our own are cheering this missile strike. ... 80532.html

  6. Might be an unpopular one but i believe there's more truth here then what's involved in the chemical bombing reasoning. Imo it's another middle-eastern oil fight between the usa/europe/aust allied forces & russia again... only china might get more involved this time as they seem to be more public image & human needs conscientious lately. I've notice they are throwing more support into african countries lately & they're still going strong for bigger foriegn investments & population expansion...def the one too watch sneak up & come out on top through all of this...& trump went to speak to their leader the same day as the first strikes?...perhaps a big oil deal in the works?
  7. Russia is allies with Syria because Syria iis a buffer for Russia not because of Oil. We have plenty of oil from SA and America is making more and more oil especially with Trump relaxing energy laws so I doubt its about oil.
  8. Im selling tin foil hats btw
  9. Also not many actual Syrians support Assad, he tortures his own people and uses chemical weapons and barrel bombs against his own citizens. His own people hate him, he rules through ruthless fear and intimidation
  10. Let me guess, you read that somewhere? Fox News?

    Maybe talk to someone with family there, or actually from Syria. I have mates from Syria. A majority support Assad and echo a similar sentiment as that of LWPs. There's a reason why Assad was elected into power and won with 88.6% of the votes. Hint: It's not because they hate him. :roll:

  11. I have my opinions on the matter but I am trying to play the medium here.

    But who released the chemical attack?

    I doubt the rebels would gas themselves for the thrill of it.
  12. Is not like "false flag" operations never happened in the history.
    I don't know if the government did it or not. I have no idea. But I can't buy the "rebels don't have the meanings to deploy such an attack" neither. Aum did it. If Aum managed to do it, I think there's several terrorist/paramilitary groups able to do it.
  13. Support.
  14. You do realize Syria is backed by Russia AND China, both whom have a massive nuclear arsenal even after Russia disarmed two thirds of their total arsenal. Do you even look into what kinds of bigger messes we could be in if we nuke Syria?
  15. By gassing citizens they got idiot trump to attack from emotion instead of brain, pretty effective if you ask me.
  16. You're delusional bro, its a regime propped up by Russia. Your mates are delusional too. Try dailymail as a news source its probably one of the least bias news source that can cover this and American politics but there you go throwing out fox and not even responding to what I said about Assad barrel bombing his own citizens or using chemical weapons. Let me pull a trick from your book. "You probably get your news from cnn, fake news fake news" come back when you have some facts not just your "mates" who watched government run news media in Syria, kid.
  17. Russia and Syria are claiming it was the rebels. No legit news source thinks that. Just shady Russia and the government that tortures and kills its own citizens
  18. Russia and Syria are claiming it was the rebels. No legit news source thinks that. Just shady Russia and the government that tortures and kills its own citizens
  19. I mean he used a chemical weapon which is against totally illegal on children I think shooting some shots across the bow to him is the least Trump could have done