US Bombs Syrian airfield

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  1. The United States bombs Syrian military airfield on the 100th anniversary of America's involvement in WWI.

    Trump ordered 59 Tomahawk missiles to level the Syrian military ran airfield of Shayrat. The bombing was in response to a chemical attack the Syrian government launched on the rebels, those attacks being linked to the Shayrat airfield.

    The Bombing was met with widespread praise from world leaders such as the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, Italy, and other European nations. It was also met with China, Russia, and Iran condemning the bombings with Russian and Iran being the most heated nations.

    Russia would go on to end the Russian and US airspace agreement set in October 2015 that was used to prevent collisions between US and Russian aircraft.

    Russia and Iran claims the rebels were the ones to launch the chemical attacks as well as this is the United States attempt to ignore terrorism in Iraq and attempting to control them, not eliminate them.

    As well as suspending the air traffic agreement, Russia has the war ship Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494 headed towards the two US Navy ships that launched the Tomahawk cruise missiles. Aboard the Admiral Grigorovich are Kalibr cruise missiles.

    With the details set some fear this is the action that will lead us to World War III. WW3 has been romanced for a while and it has always involved Russia and the United States. My opinion is that it would not happen.

    Global business would be the first to feel the effects of a world war and their influence goes a long way. Not only that but with the nuclear arms of both nation, neither one may fully be willing to enter themselves into a full out conventional war.

    I suspect it will continue the trend of Proxy Wars that so many nations currently fight now as well as cyber warfare. Though that is my opinion.

    What are your thoughts on the US bombings? The Russian response, as well the prospect of war?

    My no support fan club is always welcome to comment their endearing remarks!
  2. Just nuke the whole country. Problem solved. We dont have to take refugees, nor spend more money and lives being involved there.
  3. Chemical warfare scares the living crap out of me anytime I read about how it works and how it kills. I think anyone cutthroat enough to use it so casually (againast random villagers?! Wtf, Asad?) Would have no problem stepping it up and using biological contagions that would spread uncontrollably. End the people without warning who use these kinds of weapons.
  4. I remember back in the old days when countries loved osw and it was a normal thing. Now countries are scaredy cats and just initiate themselves in tiny wars. God needs to revamp the system, I'm getting bored.

    But in a more serious note, no matter what anyone does, someone is gonna hate it and someone will love it. Even as someone who is not a fan of Trump at all, I'm not bothered by this. I just await to see what the outcome is.

    In this case, a response like that to chemical warfare is a necessary response. Chemical warfare is one of the nastiest and worst way to war, behind nuclear warfare of course.
  5. Well, this is interesting. In sharp contrast to Obamas "red line". Also, pits Trump v Putin. I'm leaning toward supporting the decision. It is quite a strong message. It definitely seems like a surrogate war.
    I'm worried that Trump will not be able to negotiate a final outcome in Syria. I'd imagine there is a lot of talking between countries right now, and I hope they come to a conclusion on what to do about Syria.
  6. Considering the fact that France has lost almost every worthwhile war it's fought throughout history they really can't disagree with anyone :lol:
  7. Note to self: buy shares in bomb companies.
  8. People with outie belly buttons scare me more than chemical weapons
  9. :lol:
  10. The Russian ship was apparently on a routine stop. If they intended to attack 2 US ships I doubt they'd send one on its own - I don't take the Russians as totally strategically incompetent.

    Aside from that, it'd be foolish to start a bloody global conflict over a missile attack that killed almost nobody and was a response to a war crime. It's been classed as a surgical strike and not a reason to go to war in Syria. Now that both sides have been backed into a corner by each other, the usual "well you did this and that's wrong" argument will begin, some fingers will be pointed, and that'll be it. Any agreements ended would probably be in the hope that it would put Americans off bombing any more Syrian targets.

    Personally I'm in two minds about it. One half of me wishes they didn't because of the mess it's made and the fact that Syria is still combating violent rebel groups - if anything, these attacks give them something to work off, albeit not much. I also wish they'd fully figure out who'd released the gas first - I don't doubt it was Assad but it seems like a stupid move on his part. On the other hand, it's good that there was a response instead of the US just moving the red line around to avoid having to do anything.
  11. Chemical attack was alarming, but USA wasn't in any position to attack. It's like stirring someone else poop they're end up getting dragged into, while US will be busy dealing with that poop, others will take advantage of it and could take them from the back.
  12. We care what u believe? Mass murderers deserve what they get.
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  14. Completely agree.
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  17. First of all- I vehemently oppose trump.

    I don't believe he made the wrong decision here, the missile strike was warranted, war crimes such as these are despicable... However, America as a nation should stop acting like the world police and doing whatever they like with countries weaker than them- then they cry when they get attacked back.
    America should leave its nose out of the middle east for good, they have done more than enough damage already.

    Also trump at the press conference- one of the worst readings off a teleprompter ever? lol. You can easily tell the difference between trump saying what his advisers want him to say and him saying what he wants to say. Nobody speaks like that at a speech unless you are not a very fast reader and reading lines.
  18. Pretty sure no one wants to mess with the us navy
  19. We need to wait and just see what happens. Either way the bad guys win. Wait till they fall and bomb the daylights of them.
  20. It depends on what side of the fence your on who you class as the bad guy