Upholding the Standard of the Golden Reaper

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  1. So to get the gold bars you have to pin either troops OR spies? And the pin HAS to be a successful action? Is this correct?

    Has anyone got any idea what the Pallumen Plate drop rate is?
  2. about 1 shard per full unload of steals.
  3. Alright thanks. And those steals had to be successful right?
  4. Yes, but they don’t have to be on a player who also has Standard, they can be against anyone from Monday at noon-Friday at noon Pacific
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  5. Is there a way to see if someone has a standard of the golden reaper? Like as a spell or in their showcase?
  6. There should be a counter or achievement or showcase item called “broken banners” so people can show off how many banners they have destroyed. It would be fun to make it a competition and show off how many we have broke. Etc.
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  7. @ata[corvid]

    I noticed that the pallumen shard drop is limited. It's not like the drop could be exploited if there was no limit since its mostly like 1 shard per unload, this would mean you need 1000 unloads to get 1 level 8 building in pallumen, so may i ask why there is a limit of 10 shards?

    I love the idea but the limit makes it kind of pointless for smaller accounts.
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  8. Poor drops and high cost
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  9. I noticed this as well, seems after ten shards you’re burnt
  10. The shards are extremely valuable for small accounts. if you don’t get your banner stolen you make around 7t per plate shard - after 2 days the banner pays for itself - much sooner if you sell it rather than lose it