Upgrading Sleeper of Elrengoth Forest Equipment

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. I have 7 Diamondback chips, that I cannot use to upgrade any equip. Where can I use it? What equipment will it upgrade?
  2. Can anyone show us a picture of that "chest piece" needed to ug ? Thx
  3. If you read the OP you'll notice dev gave us a further 24 hours to use any dew. That 24 hours is not yet up.

    Once it is, you can use your chips to UG whatever equipment piece you got.
  4. New promo but no patch to let us enchant yet? Classy devs
  5. I haven't gotten any rewards from the last event. I have 40k scrolls and 60k dew or so. Please let me know what to do...
  6. I can't upgrade my 7 chips, How should I use them?
  7. Use your Dew now, in 3 hours Equipment earned from The Sleeper of Elrengoth Forest will be upgradable with Diamondbark Chips and not Fullmoon Dew.
  8. I have my Diamondbark Tasset and 7 chips, How can I upgrade?

  9. I have used my dew. ( I am wearing the unenchanted breast plate.) I didn't get my rewards from the event, I.e. The silver bars, aqua. The diamondy thingies to upgrade that chest plate, etc...

  10. Wow that was fast. I just received my rewards! Thank you very much!
  11. I upgraded to legs, got legs in the awards burp, got them taken away, logged in and had been upgraded to next level.

    I want my legs, not next tier. Yes i could have gone to higher item but wanted the manly legs
  12. Still can't enchant with bark. Why you so slow devs 
  13. 4pm PDT and still can't upgrade. Waited so freakin long to upgrade man, what's up?
  14. Still can't upgrade it...
  15. You idiots just can't get this right. It's not even funny anymore you're beyond useless to your own app.
  16. It just says 'not enough' when i try and upgrade with the bark.

    That's not true as i can see them sitting there.
  17. Hmmm ok so you have to equip them first.

    ...and the surprises with this event keep on coming! Smh.
  18. In retrospect using the same 'upgrade' function to both alter the eq slot and the traditional upgrade of levels was a peculiar choice.
  19. I'm mostly bummed that I will never be able to upgrade to level 10.
  20. Ffs i missed this and couldnt upgrade it , 24 hrs inst enough time