Upgrading Sleeper of Elrengoth Forest Equipment

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  1. gotta be fair to that comment the event tab stated as "current earned reward" and should be as it reads! do people not see that ? especially when the current earned status was changing as ppl collected more moon jizz....
  2. Still waiting waiting for breastplate to be returned tyvm
  3. Screw you devs. The preview said my prize was the armour so stopped hitting ebs..now im stuck with the useless staff. What a joke
  4. That is your own fault the original forum for the event specifically said you had to upgrade each to get the next eq
  6. Chasing war event, got 34 position, no equipment rewards, that's fine. Will accept the fact as I had read in other pages, nothing this round for war event.

    Switch over to chasing the event in war, ebs...whatever linked to kaw. With closed to 20k dew and getting a useless staff that can't be enchant...reason, "u need 8000 dew to enchant this equipment".
    Is this some kind of joke or what? :lol:
    It's a useless piece of fake metal that can't even compared to other equipment that already have.

    Hang on...meaning you gonna start another event to chase for fullmoon dew to compliment this "staff" equipment?

    In my opinion, this is the worst event seen ever.

    I seldom come to forum to make a post, but after chasing event n getting a **** "staff" , determined myself to pen off here.
  7. If ppl stop and think why would top equipment only take 10k dew only that could be earned within 1-2 days with high paying drops ebs and 3-4 days with high non paying ebs? Y'all know dev game is to milk y'all for anything and everything. Read between the line.
  8. If you read the OP, you will realize that diamondbark chips are used to enchant. However, due to some issues and confusion, they made it so you can not use that diamondbark yet. Later today you should be able to enchant.
  9. Never received my equipment.......!!
  10. Never received my equipment.......!!
  11. To everyone whining about the staff & "Not knowing it was a main hand weapon" if you checked preview at ANY POINT during the 16 days it specifically said the staff was MAIN HAND. Seriously, "I got 10k now I'm stuck with a staff" Bs, the staff was 16.5k overall to buy. 10k is still 6.5k dew below the staffs range nice try though.

    While things were severally over priced & being able to get more than one would have been nice or at the very least being able to max the one you got without being "Top 10" would be fantastic. Realistically this was a huge improvement.

    They let us build up to what we were after, Old man was a killer be for dew drops & the coffers while pricy did give more than 25 nobs worth back to you (Excluding the equip). This was a step in the right direction

    Lastly, all thoughts who did not understand the enchanting process. Why didn't you check the thread in its entirety? I asked on a players thread & the devs thread & a mod personally walled me & explained it. I took this information & personally explained it in both threads. We have all been told, have a question ask a mod. Chances are devs are not going to respond anywhere near as fast as you would like & mods are generally happy to help.
  12. For everyone saying they didn't recieve their equipment: yes you did.

    You fall under one of these:

    1) You did not enchant your relic with dew, you still only have the relic and you need to enchant it within a few hours or else you will be stuck with a relic.
    2) You are thinking you are supposed to get back a chest piece or any other equipment that the preview rewards gave you. You did not actually earn this equipment and it was taken back. You got back the equipment that you had earned by enchanting the relic with dew.

    To add on, use your dew now. Do not wait. If you do not use it within a few hours you will lose it and your equipment will be stuck where it is at.

    If you do not have the chest piece right now you cannot use the bark chips until later today. If you have the chest piece then you can use your chips to level up the piece.
  13. Mine isn't there to equip or enchant, and I got it during event not the glitch. Is this the case where it will be available later or should I be messaging devs?
  14. Probably best to email support
  15. Are you sure you are looking in the right equipment slot? It could be you did not get the equipment you thought you would.

    Additionally, you cannot use your diamondbark to enchant anything yet.
  16. I echo the comments about the staff.

    It is absolutely useless.

    2 weeks getting over 15k dew for a piece of equip that will never be used.


    I would rather start the enchant again and check off against my current equip in that slot. I know the one below the staff was worse than what i had already too.

    It was nice to see a change in promo but my god it was botched from start to end.
  17. Kaw Admin can you please finally let us enchant our equipment? We pay for your mistakes with our time...
  18. This event was so poorly planned and executed... smh

  19. Would you rather another copy and paste event? This one had an interesting change, and sure, it didn't quite work out like everyone hoped, but it was still fun.

    Well, they put the preview tab there for a reason. I did not take the staff, and instead took the one before it because i compared the stats, as you should have.
  20. Can we please please go back to the previous piece of equipment? I went to enchant my shoulders but instead got a staff .
    Please throw us that bone .