Upgrading Sleeper of Elrengoth Forest Equipment

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. We are giving all players another 24Hrs to upgrade using Fullmoon Dew and change to whichever slot they have earned/want.

    After that point we will update the items to increase in level by consuming Diamondbark Chips.

    This will be available as of 4PM PST on Nov 10th
  2. can we have the preview page back to determine if the equipment is worth enchanting with chips?
  3. Still need to reimburse the nob for seeds zzz.
  4. Support
  5. Already used bark. Will you update that?
  6. This would be great if i got my rewards...
  7. Have you checked? Got my rewards
  8. Can we have another 24hrs for the Elgorath chest key please? I have one last chest I want to open :-(
  9. How do I get my hemit
  10. Still haven't gotten rewards or heard anything back from you guys!
  11. It let me upgrade mjne already
  12. I suggest you pm all of kaw or you will lose players. Most do not read forum. It's the video age!!! Explanations or stories do not cut it anymore
  13. Also some people probably never realised the equip was earned cu.mulatively rather than concurrently. If you don't make your events simple yet again you will hurt your player base.
  14. Ok so it's taken words out of my above post... Hmmm appears there no free speech either lol
  15. I feel like an extra 1 or 2 diamondbark chip is in order.
  16. It was pretty clear in the event thread.. People shouldn't complain if they don't read properly
  17. I had earned over 10,000 dew and I should have been able to upgrade to the chest plate according to the rules but it didn't work that way why not ?
  18. Ex :The pic show if u collect 250 dew u get helmet then goes to collecting 500 dew u get to ug to a diffferent equip...then 1k dew a different equip. If u still confuse , in mage when u tried to ug to a diff equip and u don't have enuff dew u stuck with that equip until u have enuff. Cmon obviously easy to understand ...stop trying to get freebies n work for it. Happy kawing
  19. I hope its soon as i cant upgrade both my accounts, i cant use my diamondbark chips.