Updates to "The Cull" PvP Portion [Updated again, Oct 29th]

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Oct 25, 2018.

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    You had 5 on your list as a hunter? I had 1 all 4 times I've casted. I got 1 my first time, slayed them then 0 after that for entire time.

    Here's a fix.

    Hunters can kill hunters for 0 shallow graves. At least then we will all be able to add wolves to the nonexistent wolf population.
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    Why wouldn't they be?
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    This was the first day, think it was broken to be honest because some of them didn't give graves when killed...
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    While I agree with you Vix on the new concept, the battle list is infact flawed. I’ve tried on both accounts for over 30min each and my list were thin or empty. I don’t have the time I used to to camp on kaw for blocks of hours anymore, so my small windows of playtime just didn’t work out.

    Don’t scrap it altogether Winston, but there are some kinks to work out yet. Looking forward to future Pvp events!
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    You can see me earlier in thread moaning about the battlelist but that was my error

    lets break this down

    you are a hunter - clue in the name - "hunt" you can only cast 3 times a day, some times of the day your battlelist isnt going to show barely anyone, sometimes for hours, its meant to be harder

    you are a werewolf , can slay both hunters and other werewolfs unlimited number of times a day - you actually have both sides on your battlelist, you gonna appear to more people, its going to be more frantic you are ko'd and inc more
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    UGG herein is the root of the problem.

    I commend DEV this event has potential BUT I haven't joined why?? cos u still don't get it DEV.... it's now possible to transfer huge charm stacks to a friend to 'DOMINATE' the event while you sleep and vice versa. When are you going to realise charms are being exploited FULL STOP - just nerf the dam charms power because they're inextricably linked to all current and future events just get on with it!! before it's too late...

    Ask yourself why is the new style 'ind kingdom' war proving successful? because it's balanced and a true reflection of time spent over time learning and growing and gaining game experience its 'old kaw' ironically the last remnant....praps like me

    I've suggested a 30% charm power cap in relation to build size/power to incentivise chasing BC still to make new lands viable still, but whatever fits DEV just get on with it jeez.

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    Love that I still see stacked alt on the LB
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    lovely that for the whole event i never saw anyone on my bl as a hunter. good job
  9. Bumping this post as there are some new changes. Hoping to balance out the disparity between Werewolves and Hunters.
  10. nice
  11. @Winston

    Thank you for the update.

    The ko timer being 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes will encourage more people to play as werewolves for sure. Being koed for 15 minutes was a put off for me personally.

    The 20% stat boost I’m not really sure about.

    So as it stands the population is seemingly 90-95% hunter as it’s safer and grants more rewards per ko. Therefore anyone who casts werewolf now will still be outnumbered completely.

    I think the 20% stat boost is probably necessary for that very reason, equally though werewolves still only get 5 items for a hunter ko and 1 for a werewolf ko so that’s ok.

    I’ll throw my suggestions for a future PvP event in a ticket later.
  12. Few suggestions.

    1. Give hunters and werewolves a color spell similar to pvp that way they can be easily identifed in wc.

    2. Instead of the spell going into the showcase where its annoying to search for it should go with all of our other spells like EE/PLUNDER BONUS.
  13. I think it'll be a good idea to give wolves and hunters a colour in the chat. Wouldn't solve the hunter-wolf imbalance, but would make participating easier for us.

    About this event... of course we'd all rather there be no bugs and imbalances, but I think it's good that the devs are at least rolling out some new event mechanics. Now, it feels like there is more progression from event to event, instead of just doing the same thing every two weeks.
  14. Honestly worst pvp event ever in kaw ,battle list don't work till too late your Slain...people in indi war still in bl,very frustrating to constantly wait to participate.
  15. Its not hard to understand it, I enjoyed it.
  16. Hit ranges need to be bigger to help show more players opted in.

    Marker should be moved and displayed where plunder boosts are shown or something to be able to easily signify what faction a player is in.
  17. Give immunity to wolves after they'd been slayed, otherwise they're just getting a heck lot of incs, they're in very high demand, and very rare.
  18. Change the bl filling rate using ally and charms, I see on wc lot of players can I ko but they aren’t on my bl :(