Updates to "The Cull" PvP Portion [Updated again, Oct 29th]

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Oct 25, 2018.

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    There are 4 PvE banners available, 2 from legends, and 2 from leaderboards. You'll be able to upgrade them in the next event.
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    Winston. The problems still are not fixed. I was slain twice and my troops and spies were not below 20%

    Are you just gonna let this event play out as it is? Because it’s still a bit confusing how to get anything. To slay and be slayed is so random. It seems to come out whenever it wants to. Even when someone has troops and spies above 20%

    All of us pvp’ers know how to pin and zero a target. We’ve been doing it for many years. But pinning someone’s troops and zeroing their spies really isn’t the tactic for this event.

    Hate to say it. And many will probably troll my next comment;

    Damn I wish I woulda chose the PVE side of these legends on this event. Just being real. This pvp event sucks
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    Winston please relocate the buff beside with our plunder buff. This way easier for players to know if a player is hunter of wolf. This will help both team. Wolf can avoid hitting another wolf and focus on hunters. This way hunters get more targets
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    Because of what ata has done with charms and ruined the game no matter what happens ppl with the most charms are gona keep winning events..and it has ruined the allie market..
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    Can you learn to make better notice of what people are such as hunters and werewolf’s?! It’s annoying how I have to click on Thier equipment to see if they have it while I’m being spammed
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    Allow us to switch over to the PvE part of the legend. I would have preferred to avoid that because at first glance the PvP part looked fun but if it’s not working still then I’d prefer to not participate.
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    Battle list shows 2 players both of which are in war and I can not hit. Annnnnnnd I’m out. Back to ebs I guess.
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    You got 2? I've had 0 for over an hour
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    I have no battle list and don’t see the hunter mark .....
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    How to do if battle list always empty
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    So this event is set up where it's just a bunch of hunters and the second anyone goes wolf you have all the hunters sitting on you.

    Why not test a new event out before making it the necessary thing for opening chests for the entire event?
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    Agree .
    If I buy Hunter then BL is empty. The moment sell hunter and buy werewolf, everyone “pounces” on you!
    What’s the point in being werewolf if you don’t get a chance to hit your BL!!!
    I would have preferred to be on PvE part of event instead!
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    You people's

    There is a button called the refresh button on battle list - little tip for you just spam it like you would the attack button on nk

    werewolfs get to cast unlimited amount each day, hunters three times a day, maybe that gives a clue to things -- sigh

    this event isnt perfect, but its actually pretty cool concept i applaud devs for trying something else
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    It would be pretty cool if hunters and werewolves were rewarded different stuff for this event at the end. Perhaps make 2 lbs, 1 for hunters and 1 for werewolves, the item that hunters get for slaying a werewolf is a werewolf’s head, and werewolves get silver bullets or hunters revolvers maybe.

    At the event start you can see the rewards for each choice, hunter or werewolf, then you cast as 1 or the other and you have to stay as that choice for the entire event, or maybe give people 1 chance to switch to the other choice.

    Hunters and werewolves are both rewarded 10 items for slaying one of the opposite. Maybe they can also slay others of the same choice, but doing so deducts items that they have earned as its friendly fire?

    Instead of having marks as a showcase item, make it a spell that you cast, that way it’s faster and easier to identify other hunters for example. Plus make the bl only show the opposite choice.

    A crazy idea could be to have the bl show literally all hunters/werewolves and if all are slain then a very good reward is given to whichever side. A little crazy but it would be extremely fun. Like a huge system war almost.

    Change the ko system so that you have to drop someone to 20% on both bars, not just spies or troops. This allows people to play more and use more versatile methods. Instead of having to use xtals every 30-45 seconds. And I’d say keep the ko time to 15 minutes, seems ok to me.

    It would be necessary to give an opt out spell also. I’m sure there’s people who wouldn’t want to be cast in PvP for 2 weeks solid. Also perhaps a temporary opt out spell for people who don’t want inc while they sleep, I think it’s universally agreed that inc while you get market hires of 1Q plus is annoying. And you won’t be on to bank that overnight.
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    What good is spamming the refresh button going to do? I tried that and all it did was rearrange the 5 people on my battle list..

    Meanwhile you're getting incoming so clearly you're on SOMEONE'S list, but they aren't on yours. The idea was great but it was broken from the first day
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    Just pressing refresh when BL empty isn’t gonna help.
    At the same time there are like 20 hits that gets your bars down or are killed.
    What’s gonna motivate anyone to be a werewolf after 3 times being hunter?
    Werewolf are sitting ducks!
    Good attempt by devs though. No doubt about it. Need to fix some rewards or mechanics.
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    Keep getting slain by 1 scout action while full...
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    I wqs say an easy way to help the issue with minimal work is to lower the amount of times somone can cast as hunter per day from 3 time to 2 times. Probably wont fix all of our issues but with for sure help a little.
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    Mechanics are wack..main almost a 900mcs get hit by accts at 100mcs or less. I'm guess charms is only factor here?! :lol:
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    I sat on BL refreshing for maybe 4 different almost 10 minute - 1 hour periods with nothing.

    The event is stupid how it's set up. The concept is decent, but it's set up majorly in favor of one side which is why you have 10 hunters attacking you before you can even access BL as wolf.

    Once again, the type of event should've been tested out prior to making it the requirement for any event.

    I'm not saying devs shouldn't try new things and I actually like the concept. This should've been tested out as an extra side legend or something within an event instead of making it the cornerstone of an entire event. Does that make more sense?