Updates to "The Cull" PvP Portion [Updated again, Oct 29th]

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  1. Updates to "The Cull" PvP

    Hey everyone,

    We've made a few changes to the PvP part of the event. I understand this was far from a smooth launch, and do apologize for the amount of hiccups. We will try to make more time for new types of events to get the bugs sorted out, and will look into improving existing events that seem popular.

    Changes to the current event:

    - Pure spies have been changed so they can be killed now
    - The single scout/assassinate issue that was affecting certain builds has been fixed
    - Players who are likely alts being used to exploit the event have been prevented from placing on the leaderboard
    - The leaderboard was modified to remove all players we felt were using alts to specifically exploit the event


    Finally, we may consider other changes during the event if we feel it would help balance the event out more. Our goal is to have a fun and exciting event that all players can enjoy, and that also has desired rewards, as that has been something we have received a lot of feedback from. As always, we welcome feedback, constructive criticisms, and would like to hear if there are still any bugs.

    Battle List Updates

    We've made some updates to how the Battle List acts during a PvP Blitz. From now on, players who opt in to both Hunters vs Werewolves AND the weekend PvP Blitz will only see the Hunter vs Werewolves battle list so long as they have either a Mark of the Hunter or Mark of the Werewolf active. If neither of those items are active, players will see the PvP Blitz battle list.

    Further Updates - Oct 29th

    "As the moons intensity increases, the power of the Werewolves builds. Hunters are finding it more challenging to keep them at bay. Will the Lycoan take over KaW or will the Hunters succeed in protecting everyone?"

    - Werewolves now have a dead timer of just 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes.
    - Werewolves also receive a 20% stat boost to all stats
    - They will still be shown targets on their battle-list as if they did not have the 20% stat boost

    We hope these changes bring more Werewolves into the fray! Please let me know if these changes are positive ones :)
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    Great work. Now how about giving us s7?
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    I’m confused as to why I can’t see anyone on my battle list but get blasted by others that can see me? Am I missing something?
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    This is actually exciting news. Hopefully this weekend I can clear some of my schedule to give it a try. I was skeptical at first but nice to see effort again!
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    Sooo are we just gonna ignore the 2.5mcs who's currently leading the lb by a significant margin with obviously transferred stacks?
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    What about the battle list problems?
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    The mark of the hunter/werewolf is currently in the showcase under “ALL”...that’s a lot of scrolling depending on the showcase. Any reason it can’t be on their profile under active spells? Would be much more convenient.
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    I think you should bring back something similar that you had planned around a year ago, where everyone had to take part in a pvp event, in order to recieve certain awards. Those that wanted to fairy had a chance to opt out. But it was very fun and encouraged a lot more PVP. :)

    I would really like to see something like that again or a team one as that was a very fun event!
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    Well I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to your inquiry. Nothing will be done

    Happy...whatever 
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    I'm curious how is Wuji being first place illegitimate? I'm a bit lost as to the mechanics of this event.
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    Stacks of max charms that have more than likely been transferred from a main
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    Perfect illustration to the problem raised in various charm stack/ mining threads.
    Wuji opponent selection is based on his raw stats not considering bfe.
    This account is too young to even have his own set of equipment. Instant champion - transfer charms and here it is.
    Your in game fixes do not matter, corrections do not matter if you do not plug this giant hole.
    Is this is how you envisioned the event unfolding? @Winston
    Please provide argument how this is fair and balanced for everyone. Let us hear your explanation.
    If you have nothing to say, what is this exploit doing as #1 LB ?
    You are guardians of integrity of this game. You have obligation to keep integrity and balance because you charge real money for one to play and participate.
    Without integrity and balance it is just a scam.
    Please do not sweep it under carpet like many other things. Black Friday is near and we are all watching what you are doing about this exploit!
    We are watching you Winston!
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    The cure is in ATA hands but they insist not to cure it till thing out of hand.
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    It's already out of hand, the fact that an account that small can dominate a PvP event solely because of charms and nothing else is evidence of that
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    Funny thing is this, weither it's Charms/Allies/Huge towered stats. Someone will always find an exploit.

    Before it was Guild Hansels, The Shadow Hansels, Then broken PvP hit ranges of those with huge stats Towers & Allies.

    There is no actual fix to these things. Regardless of what they do, being humans we will always find a way to exploit things. Best case, they put a cap on charms. Then what? Players hoard allies again. So they cap that, then what? You will have an elite few banking gold for spefic allies & will have max Charms/Furnishings stats.

    Best you can hope for is to strip their allies, then what? They still overwhelm you with Charms & Furnishings. Plus have enough gold banked to hit that ally cap 5x over.

    New lands are a waste, elite players sell/drop allies & Bc inside the first week. Then with their new found stats & plunder they restock & hoard yet again.

    This, is the never ending cycle. If you take charms out. They still overwhelm you with Furnishings. Take that away your overwhelmed with Bfa. Take that away & Towers & Bfe stop you.
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    Except BFA is a soft cap in effect, you need the money to hoard allies you're not getting the money needed for that on a 2mcs account, you expect people who have been playing for years and years to have an advantage, it comes with the game. It's a glaring issue when you can just crack out a quick alt, stack charms and win. I'm not going to pretend I have the answers, I don't, but it's obviously an issue. If SOMETHING isn't done then everything else becomes irrelevant, why even have new lands when you can just stack charms? Why even have allies when you can stack charms? Why even have towers when you can just stack charms? The alt in #1 on lb shouldn't be able to dominate his bracket just because he has a load of charms.

    Also the devs have stated they removed people from the leaderboard for hitting their own alts, that's seen as a serious enough problem for them to be punished by barring them from lb rewards, so by not taking action against that one account that's abusing a feature, it seems like that's OK.
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    This from yafi. You should be ashamed of yourself. KAW history should remind you what happen to -appleseeds-. Wuji in my opinion have done nothing wrong.
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    We are following some players and removing them if any exploits are noticed. We don't consider trading charms as an exploit.
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    I'm a huge supporter in players that put the time & dedication getting more. Problem being at that pay rate. The same players would be the only ones ever getting top spots. I get how charm transferring seems to be be a cheap tactic. However, charms at Least give smaller people a chance.
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    I dont PVP for these reasons i want to upgrade my new banner by completing pve but i dont get a choice