Updated War Schedule

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  1. Thanks to an awesome round of initial testing with Lowland Wars this week we're going to be moving forward and implementing a hybrid schedule for the next week that incorporates both the new Lowland Wars, and existing Individual Wars.

    We're also moving Lowland Wars out of beta, though we will continue to monitor feedback and results. If further changes are made we will give you all a heads up ahead of time.

    This means that Health Crystal refunds will return to the standard rate seen in all other war types, and you will now begin to Lose Estoc's Edge levels on a loss in Lowland Wars.

    We're also adding Mithril rewards to Lowland Wars.
    - Those on the winning side with a minimum number of Successful Actions will receive 5 Mithril
    - Those on the winning side with the Top 3 # of Successful Actions will receive an additional 50 Mithril

    Thanks again for testing, and please do continue to share your feedback with us :)
  2. Thx

    what news of Pots/BFA/BFE being added?
  3. You spelled Estoc's wrong.
  4. Sounds good
  5. What's a estop edge?
  6. End of this week or next week?
  7. Changes will apply with War #1 on Monday.
  8. Ugh!! Don't do away with primals completely.
  9. It's still Primals on a scaled down version.
    More clans will war with this format now.
  10. Where is my thank you :(?
  11. k_com, so rude.
  12. I... Don't know how to respond.
  13. When do the mith changes involving receiving mith start?
  14. Monday?
  15. Or read the Ops post lol
  16. Op says next week 7 days to choose from.
  17. Not that it really matters thanks for bringing Indi back 
  18. So indy will be full round wars then! Why bother changing lowlands then. Lets bet no suitable war times for asians again so basically no chance to war which is good.
  19. Mith reward? Are we casting Battle spells this week in Low Land wars? Please be moré precise .. bFA/BFE No Hit Restrictions, No mith spells ??? Thx
  20. Yes is mith just a reward or will it be inclueded in actions durig war?