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Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Charlie, Apr 6, 2017.

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  1. Love this idea
  2. With items which can be stolen, you will never know your final reward/ ranking till the end of event. Sean's idea is to allow Opt-In of Pvp like previous Pvp events. Unless the take-up rate of previous Pvp was poor, so it ended up "auto-opt-in".

    Anyway, events discouraged clan loyalty and it will remain so for a long time. Event hunters will just come and go. They have no time to chat and Admins only work hard for them. Hope this game can be more friendly. Thks
  3. Charlie are yall going to break down rewatds as he stated in his post where reward tiers arnt based thru out all of kaw but where ur only competeing agaisnt people on ur team
  4. A step in the right direction for once, gj devs
  5. Cmon come back in game after a while and kaw breaks down every day... How am i being compensated with my scheduled silverbars this time? i dont understand.
  6. What day is this event or the next equipment event begin?
  7. Think they said Tuesday after this one ends
  8. So when is this event going to launch?
  9. Its funny I read some of these posts on clan loyalty if that's the way u feel your in the wrong clan. I can honestly say the clan I'm in we hv a lot of loyalty. If I need pretty much anything all I really hv to do is ask. I think a lot of people have forgotten this is a war game also. Its also a very social game. First n for most a war game. If your looking for clan loyalty find a war clan one that is established . I think you will be a lot happier , granet your probably gonna take some hits loose some gold maby get stripped. Once again its a war game. Yes every clan has event chasers n when there chasing to get top rewards you help them out let them know when eb about to end who's open on PvP all that n help them get top equip, or if there getting stripped u pin them for as long as it takes. I know that's clan loyalty cause we do it. I'm looking forward to this everyone opt in event I hope u all are two. I'd recommend if u plan to opt in rethink your game play n venture out you just might like it. Shoot me a pm I just might be able to stear U in right direcrion
  10. So any word when this will be?
  11. Charlie is working hard at getting this out today. We'll update you all as soon as opting out is available as well.
  12. Would it. It be easier to have an opt in as this already exists ?
  13. thank you :)
  14. Not really. It's more getting data in place, as well as some final testing with the actual event mechanics.
  15. Will some of you devs say something obout questions in forum about brave the elements return?
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