Updated Number of Clan Roles

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  1. Perms could be soldier rank and guests could be peasants lol. Might offend hoppers though, although if I'm hopping I'd gladly be a peasant for funsies. No idea how you'd get less functionality in a member than soldier, but :lol:

    Great update!
  2. I’m talking about large trades in the billions. You can’t fit a billion or more worth of charms into a trade using 12 slots unless they’re super rare and have extremely high stats or if you are an alt hoarder that has stacks due to alt use. Is there not a want for more trade slots? I believe I got a lot of support on my thread regarding it. Just an idea. It would help tremendously. That’s why I think you should up that slot limit for trades.
  3. Should def have peasant role for the "special people" in the clan . Also when having that role if you type in CC you get  emojis around your name.
  4. These are great ty ty a lot i hope down the road there be more impovents fixes etc :)
  5. Thank you! Support!
  6. I honestly don't understand the need for this. While I do agree that some roles could have had more spots, to just expand it to every role seems like you just used a butcher knife when a scalpel could be better. Poll the clans a little better to find out which roles are underutalized and make no modifications and the roles that seem to be ones that clans really are struggling with make the changes. To now have it so no soldiers are "needed" anymore just seems unnecessary.
  7. yes for sure, not as if both clans are inactive now
  8. Thank you Winston for all your hard work!

  9. Exactly.
  10. Looks like the Mod/VK cheer team has gotten really excited for this. :lol:
  11. You guys have the clan roles all messed up. Admins that accept applicants should be able to kick applicants. Only being able to do one or the other doesn’t make sense.
  12. Thank you Winston good job :)

  13. I do not agree we can always switch admin roles too kick this is a great addition.