Update to lowland wars: Individual signups!

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  1. Top 10 is the same players u derp. That just shows how much u pay attzntion before

  2. I am seeing you going in and out of top 10 every day, this was not the case before. We all know why you are using such dumb words for lirael. You need a ointment. Last event you were not in top 10. This event you will end up again around 11-12. So no free pets for you henceforth. Work hard if you need it, compete with others and stop crying for those ffa wars. They are gone you will have to compete now. Good luck happy kawing.
  3. Go check leaderboard again and see new accounts in top 10 I have never seen fuzzy,Babylon,captain,gweyn,qaz in top 10 before when ll wars were clan wars. That's 50%. Now get lost and apply some ointment. You will be thrown out of top 10 soon. And 1 more thing just observe the difference of tokens between each lb. I have never seen such a competitive leaderboard when ll wars were clan wars. Anyways you can cry now. Everyone can see leaderboard and can understand why you are crying. Good luck
  4. First of all:

    Secondly I never "end up again 11-12". I either chase and win or i don't. I have rl, job, school and family and i don't chase every event.
    Lets look at war lb again. Me, mw, fuzzy, star and a couple of alts of well known players. Lb is the same as it was. Fuzzy used to make t10 when he had time to war, guess it's that time again.
    This was actually the eaziest event to chase. As far as observing the difference in tokens i can miss the rest of wars this event be eazy top 10.

  5. Took you 5 days to revert back, you thought of securing top 10 and then reverting back? Because 5 days back you were ranked 9th. And before that I saw you going in and out of top 10. Peeps who were ranked just above you or below you might help you recollect. Anyways I have no issues with you being in top 10 or top 100. Accept the fact and move on, I have never seen top 100 ending with 9k tokens before. I think that's enough to tell that competition has increased.

    Secondly war leaderboard is different from what it used to be earlier. You can call them alts or whatever you want. I am sure Good observers will understand my point I don't want to repeat same thing again and again. Happy kawing.
  6. My first time warring and I really enjoy KaW warring. I could imagine how frustrating it could be for players like my self who enjoy a good fun mental simulation Wynn down to be ruined by co-players that want to grow by gigging or dear I say ️cheating️ to get a head of the game I like this matching up system it's fair and yet makes KaW warring exciting because like I have figured out leaks are easy to spot after a few wars so they either stay leaks or they stay home.
  7. To be honest with new LL sign up more player warring and affecting my rank. I usually easily take to rank top 50. This event had a hard time to take top 50 ended up on top 100. Still I enjoy war. I am very happy with this new LL sign up. More and more players now signing up on indi too because of war bugs from LL. Few who benefited on old sign up still moaning about it should get over it. Now they are forced to do real war to renew EE spells
  8. The only ones who support new format are the ones who were not good enough for a serious war clan, never tried a serious war clan or were kicked out of a serious war clan. So u can bring up more alts to post in support, it doesn't change the facts.
    The only format that allowed players choice of their war comarades and choice of what builds to have on their roster is taken away.
    U don't need to have any skill to war anymore. :lol: how pathetic is that? :lol: :lol: serious clan leaders, warriors and wc's already voiced their disgust with new system. So keep on cheering, mediocrity
  9. You mean who kisses ass like you to get to top 10
  10. U are so jealous it's hilarious. Still upset every ll clan beat urs?

    Anyways need nothing but participation to be top 10. Simple math:
    14 days × 5 wars a day = 70 wars
    For example u lose every war u sign up for cause u just going for action and logging the hell off :lol:
    70 wars x 300items =21,000
    There u go, top 10! lmao
    Of course smb will carry u at some point and u end up #6 or #7
    Easy cheesy. Like i said, with new format mediocre and low effort warriors will blossom.
  11. You know lili I can put my 2 accounts to top 10 warring 3 times a day if I want to before. I did it for 5 events straight. Just time consuming. Now you can’t reach top 10 easily three wars a day. You need to alternate wars by 3 wars first day and 4 wars next day using PS. You war on 4th was like lowland as ps like you. You scout 60 times on start and go to sleep to get ready on next war. I remember you loved warring hybrid on lowland. Now you War PS for a reason 
  12. I war ps ll because it is a lazy inactive build that expects rest of the roster to do the work. When u need ps to ass tanks, they are not there. When u need ps to sb and lower oppo ps or ps1, they are not there.How many times ps is stripped start of war and doesn't even know cause it is not active :lol: They pop in to sb for action and other builds put in the effort. I war ps cause no inactive lazy ass is gonna use me to get their tokens.
  13. My ll clan? Well we stopped warring after war season because of poor rewards and no good war clans around to fight with, and our war season record is documented in forums by one of the vro/odm member (not sure about the name but a thread was created after war season was over you can search) and I don't think I have to prove our records. serious clans like odm, vro, ducks, existence, PvP (not sure if you know them) who warred against us know what we were and what kind of warriors we had. It seems you started doing ll when wars were ffa where you cast your alt in opponent clan and leak. I am sure most of the peeps who war or who did "SERIOUS" ll wars know me and my clan well. We all can see your frustration when ll wars became indi. Your reaction towards lirael is still there in this thread. I can understand you, its hurting because now you will have to fight for 600 items, your alts leaking for you in ll won't work now. And as I said before I have no issues with you being top 10 or top 100 I am just speaking for equal opportunity for all warriors and better competitive ll wars. Anyways you can bark now I am done with my point. I am sure last event war leaderboard proved everything where top 100 was holding 9k tokens (earlier it use to be 6 to 6.5k) and 200-300 token difference within top 8 ranks. Happy kawing!!! No more reply to you on this topic. Good luck with future wars.