Update to lowland wars: Individual signups!

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  1. As funny as people’s egos are about this; I think this was a really bad decision.

    What separated Lowland Wars was the fact that we could rely (to a significant) extent on our clan members and that we could control how we could execute how we performed that war. Whether it was by war strategy and our builds or by the speed of our members.

    When you take this away, it becomes even easier to abuse the war system where moles can be placed in all clans, so if you’re lucky that you even have a War Commander; you’re screwed. In indi to an extent, you can live if you have a leak. In LL you can’t, as per example if a clan of ps1s/ps strip a hyb, they win from such a significant amount of plunder, there is no way of a comeback. In individual war, it’s subjective, you can rely on your tops with their bfa/large builds to be able to balance it out by plundering the opposite leaks. It’s really hard.

    So either you kill Lowlands completely or you return it to the previous format. It was nice knowing that when we chose to war with active members, we had a tracker and a war commander. It just seemed more inclusive, for those who are passionate about warring, we were given that prior notice to be able to plan against opposing clans, with counter builds and other plans to make war more interesting. It’s something fun that really set things a part.

    A lot of people in lowland were from Asia TZ, when you changed war times and included a different type of war, well now 2 types, it killed LL and those that chased, there wasn’t more of a reason to war as it was difficult with their timings. So much went wrong. So what happened now has really finished LL off.
  2. Actually current LL war is fun. I won few wars that are nail biting which make the game more interesting. This way no one person have to pm everyone to make a roster. Also with current LL war have more participation over other war. Lower tier is not as bad either. Not many drama all understand they can only try their best. I don’t see any leaking so far purposely.
  3. You’re used to indi. For those you actually warred seriously with our friends, it’s hurt us significantly and you can’t say from a handful of LLs in one bracket that this problem will not occur when in individual wars it happens extensively and has been for years. This was the only war where there was a stronger opposition of it not happening.
  4. Old lowland war have 2 ll schedule every 24 hours. Most of the time only one schedule have war with two clan who matches. Also between event for few days sometimes 24 hours no clan casting. It’s a waste of time slot. This new war is great for everyone to participate. Adapt to new game where its in level playing field for all.
  5. Firstly I never saw you doing lowland war peeps who never did ll war should not comment here (or use your main). Secondly you don't need a war commander or tracker against a Ffa clan (which is full of alts of main accounts casted in other clan) what strategy you need for these wars? Whom to scout ? Or who will be open ps? It's just that now top 10 war leaderboard will be open for whole community instead of those 15 selected mains and their alts. Lowland wars died long back. Lowland Wars which u were doing recently in a clan were not wars they were fixed wars with no fun no excitement, just get your 60 against ur alts and sleep.
  6. When you warred against a serious ll clan last? If you are calling those wc recruit wars as serious wars then idk what to say. It hurts you significantly because now top 10 spot in war leaderboard is difficult to retain
  7. Ask anyone who wars LL, I’ve done this for a significant amount of time. Whether it was with Exi/Links clan/Musang or anyone lmao, I have been around. I really haven’t got the time and effort to type out the rest. That’s my opinion and I think we all have the right to think so.
  8. Ask anyone who wars LL, I’ve done this for a significant amount of time. Whether it was with Exi/Links clan/Musang or anyone lmao, I have been around. I really haven’t got the time and effort to type out the rest. That’s my opinion and I think we all have the right to think so.[/quote]

    Hmm I never did ll so idk much about it. Btw musang was serious? Link and exi ever matched serious clans? Go check their war history. Yes existence which existed 1 year back was serious. Recently they have hardly done one war a week that too against ffa or semi ffa clans. Serious war clans don't do 1 war a week. Anyways I came to know when you started doing ll. It's not your fault calling these clans serious
  9. Requesting devs to stop side legend where 2 war wins give you a free key. Please!!! we don't want any free key. Just don't keep war wins as side legend. These eb fairies cast just for the free key but they ruin war for whole clan. Peeps who take time out of their real life to war and have fun should not feel like they wasted their 2 hours because of someone who does not know what sko is. From last 2 wars I am feeling like I am wasting my time with these dumb eb accounts looking for free key.
  10. Lmao the only non broken war they screw up I'm dead. LL wars are dead because the rewards are kinda bad and there are only a very select few of serious war clans that dont recruit creating a monopoly. These clans dont really recruit so it's hard to get into serious war clan and since there is no interest except because that's the only type that's not full of moles and leaks ect. Bann ps from war would have been better then this nonsense sorry but yall goofed good. WAR IS GONE

  11. This. Just this.
  12. Best decision ever, more people r warring lowlands and not just the odd 2 clans which one off them is full of alts,

    Also I’d just like to mention that blacky has been grooming me,
  13. If only there was still a format where you could build your own rosters with people that you knew and trusted to show up...

  14. Lowland+highland ftw. Most of us started ee when only these lands were availible. Make them 10-12 people like the old chaos wars.
  15. No. That's not the solution. That's a solution for you because it helps you refresh your ee. But peeps who war daily know what lowland war clans were doing. Just check the war leaderboard I have never seen top 100 with 6k items in Just 7 days of event. Competition has increased drastically with individual lowland wars. By the way even if we get clan lowland war those eb fairies will still be there in indi for the key so your solution is irrelevant. Your solution will just benefit you to refresh ee and not the community.
  16. its true, staying top 50 is a struggle which usually isnt the case
  17. A continuous debate so far, having had a few goes at ll war and not finding it as enjoyable as kingdoms war I do feel that the "closed shop" had to be delt with! I see so many on here crying about noobs having a go at it but that's the point! Ll war needs to be transparent with all being allowed to do it and not just the elite to refresh ee! Rather than moan actually try and do something about it you ll warriors see a noob in clan follow and chat, give em ten mins of your time to explain and help rather than the attempts to discourage them from doing it again! It's a war game let them war...leave low land war just as it is.. as they say, all's fair in love and war !
  18. Like ll is the only war noobs can do? What are u even saying. Indi and ka all full of trash builds and trash players.
    Ll was the ONLY war we could pick who we wanted to war with and what builds we wanted on our roster. Not to have an open ps, not to have a 2/10/2/10 build, not to have inactives or a slow ass ps1 who manages to leak 3-4 att on regen and fb at start. And this is what is being encouraged here.
    Noobs always can war indi and ka. And multiple wc's were actually willing to teach in serious clans. Now it is crap.

    Thanks again, Lirael. And burn in hell.
  19. Lowland wars suck ! Facts!
  20. Actually ll "clan" wars were the one's where ps open up intentionally EVERY war for his main account, now with individual ll wars atleast probability of a open ps is very less especially in top brackets because open ps will get ss. No one used to report open ps in clan ll wars because it was their own alt. And observe top 10 war leaderboard after every 3-4 wars you will see a new name that shows how competitive that top 10 spot now is.