Update to lowland wars: Individual signups!

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  1. Gotta agree with lili
  2. Great job devs,now top10 hard to get now very challenging,

  3. I agree
  4. Support this change
  5. Oh no, top 10 starts having greater competition?
  6. I don't think so. 1-2 moles/inactive in a clan is better than 15 alts in a fixed war. Warring for 60 actions. Just get 60 scouts and go offline. Secondly ll wars died the day clans like vro,shy,odm,PvP,ducks and existence died. I have never seen a single serious war clan who did all wars like these clans did. Blame devs for no war tournament/war season for death of these clans and ll wars. Once these clans were done with ll wars, it was all about ffa clan filled with alts vs mains of these alts

  7. Yes it's more competitive now. Good luck all chasers.
  8. top 100 is easy af

  9. Agree ! With this new stupid system anybody can war as much as they like , you don't need to win all wars for top ten you just need to participate .

  10. Yes

  11. Yes
  12. When a mod who doesn’t war posts on a thread pertaining to war. LOL 

  13. Watch your tongue. They implied this is not a permanent change. Have some patience. The devs, for the first time in literally YEARS are doing something about wars. Just chill out and lets see where it goes.
  14. To Hell
  15. Are these still going on or is it back to clan wars
  16. Please do not called Low Land War title on individual war type... I sign up thinking I was going get the new LLW Indi... and nope i got the regular Indi.. but in my profile page it said cast for Low Land War indi.. please correct the names... notice I was not the only who casted wrong
  17. Now I don’t war and so you can tune me out if you don’t care for my two cents, but from an outside perspective it seems incredibly obvious that the loudest detractors of this change are the ones that benefit from the currently broken system and don’t want to lose their rewards.

    I think the devs trying changes is always good for the game. Even if it’s two weeks of garbage at least it’s an attempt at progress, nothing kills a game or part of a game like lack of interest by the devs
  18. Lowland as individual war is a good move but only thing which needs to be worked upon is allies. I personally feel hiring allies should not be allowed just before lockdown of lowland wars ( I am talking only for ll and yes I am not talking of stripping in between war) reason for this is - if ally is bought just before lockdown which is very common, that concerned person is forced to bank in Silver bars thats a loss for him even though its not his fault. In K&a and individual war I don't mind warring with trillions out but in ll wars where every build has equal opportunity to hit and plunder I think there should be no ally hiring allowed atleast 30 minutes before lockdown from peeps who casted for lowland wars. This is my personal opinion.
  19. #freemarketletsgo #castedforwcareyoublind #letmekeepmyallies. Good times 2-3 years ago lol
  20. ded