Update to lowland wars: Individual signups!

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  2. Not sure what the point of this is.

    Ok, those that count on ll wars for easy ee refreshes are screwed, but this does nothing to address the rampant abuse of the system for easy war event items.

    And it does so at the cost of removing the last vestiges of organized rosters.

    It remains a bad format where now those looking to war seriously will have to contend with tons of actions seekers.

    Would have been better to nix ll entirely.
  3. DITTO!!!
  4. At least a different dev screwed this one up, gives Winston a break from being the fool.
  5. What’s the screw-up? The loud but small minority against this change, many of whom were the very ones abusing the old system, does not make this an error. Many, if not most, of the people in this thread have been very much in support of the change, myself included.

  6. Glad you trust devs to get match up making correct, better maybe but will always have its flaws. But to take away the only war people can choose who they war with, basically ends and type of war loayalty, best part of war is warring with friends and building that comrade, not to mention for the most part eliminates the extra drama war brings, especially when losing. This “ fix” doesn’t eliminate the actual root problem, same problem plaguing war for a long time now, Alts and inactives who open up during war and the ones who get their actions and disappear. All this fix does is prolong the elimination of LL wars and makes them a crap shoot like any other system war now.
  7. Great changes that give more player a chance to war. Old ll war takes so much time to make a roster. Only supporting old ll war are the leeches who war when they need to update their level 5 EE spell. Most of the time old ll no war because no clan casting. If there are is a clan casting is the one person who run 3 ffa clan and watch how many clans casting to make match by not signing up on clan. Otherwise he sign up all 3 ffa clan. Most that support old LL war are those want easy win against ffa clan to get their ee spell updated. Then war again for next two weeks to update again the ee spell.
  8. This is much better.,. support!!!
  9. Oops. I misunderstood-I thought you were getting rid of LL altogether. Making LL Indi casting is cruel and unusual punishment for something that deserves a quick death. Don’t make us suffer by keeping LL around.

    Eliminate LL and start up clan wars again
  10. Perhaps a simple change like no rewards for losing team and rewards based on performance that includes plunder, ko earned and actions to the winning team may have checked the abuse that's got all of you so concerned. By making LL wars individual sign ups but still action hunters getting rewards for just scouting few times and tanking incoming fails is not a solution.
    Discourage FFA clans by making them get 0 rewards if lose, that way all the serious clans will restart rostering and signing up.
  11. Nice it will be harder for the same turds to make top #50 over and over.
  12. Jealousy and envy are not good qualities.

  13. Neither is stupidity or fatness.
  14. Kudos :) self criticism is a good one
  15. I totally support too... it’s hard for those who want to chase TOP 10 but are not in serious ffa clan as they often filled...

    The objectives of all various type of wars are to allow everybody to have a fair and fun game rather than pre-fixed matches.

    Thanks dev. Support
  16. As if we don’t have enough wars to let people who go inactive, multicast and opens their PS accounts get tokens. We might as well just give them the tokens free? Thanks dev!
  17. No new wars were added...? By far the most abused of the formats was changed, that’s all.
  18. Talking about war abuse, it's even easier to do it now.
    Talking about destroying serious war clans, only ones who are happy about it are the ones who were not part of one.
    Talking about war participation, it is still the same ppl warring and their alts.
    Change made this situation worse, not better.