Update to lowland wars: Individual signups!

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  1. Yay! More scoutings! Cos scts win wars!
  2. You’re not wrong there.

    But I’d love a bit more in-depth response from anyone as to why this is a bad change. A highly abused and not so used war format gets phased out. Are those unhappy with this change also unhappy that they will no longer receive a free 600 items each war due to the only other clans participating are FFA clans?
  3. I’m a fan.

    Sad to see the end of ee-war clans, but it needed to happen. Dead format with too much abuse. Now just need harsher penalties for inactives.
  4. Abuse. Key-word.
  5. Firstly ll was the ONLY format that permitted us, players, to choose who we wanted to war with.

    Secondly it allowed to strategize based on the builds u wanted to war. No random builds on roster. No open ps. No slow ppl trying to war ps1.

    That was the whole and only reason that format was originally created. Easy change of build according to wc strategy. And most of all choice of ppl u wanted to war with.
    Our freedom of choice has been taken away.
    The work we put into rosters and strategies was taken away.

    I do have a question for devs. What is the purpose of ll indi style?? U can't choose ur roster and u can't choose builds u want to be on ur roster. So what is this crap for. Do away with ll if u hate us so much. Don't come up with more crap for ppl to abuse the system.
  6. Nf is open u lil moron.
  7. Yes lemme waste bars on a moron like you sounds like a plan. Not worth my time peasant.not even loyal to your clan always clan hoping and dropping $$ outside of clan. What a joke.
  8. You are dumb. Revert this.

    Bunch of moles, action seeker noobs and ps opening for other team.

    It’s not like it is soooo difficult to cast a bunch of alts and match with them in ll indi. I’m gonna exploit this ee system until you guys realize how dumb this decision is.
  9. Oh I absolutely LOVED ll wars back in the day. Nothing as exciting as the combination between build composition strategy and player skill. But that’s not what it is these days. Here instead you see a war clan putting in effort or a ffa clan spamming wc to get a roster. Half the time it was all a waste bc no matchup, and the other times it would just be a ffa clan full of inactives giving a free win.

    When is the last time you saw a true LL war matchup of two skilled rosters and WC’s??
  10. NE vs exi, Exi vs IDD, Rage vs Link, Rage vs Engeneeringfail.

    Devs already cut on ll war format 6 months ago when they introduced ka wars. Ll went down to one war per 24 hours. That 1 change was enough for those chasing war lb to still make top 10 or top 50 without a serious ll clan. Serious clans remained still. Wc's remained.
    The problem is not in lack of interest in wars. I see it in loss of interest in a buggy 1D "strategy war" game that requires u to p2p for growth and kills the choice of strategy in vitro.
  11. LL wars suck. Period. Good move devs.

    Next step might be to try clan wars again. Your matchmaking algorithm is far better than it was the last time we had clan wars.

    Worth a shot anyway.
  12. 
  13. Great job devs at least you listen to me for once. I have more great idea 

  14. This. Regardless who won or lost or casted, these wars were boring af.
  15. Thanks for taking away my ability to choose who I war with. Every time I've been forced to do an indi war, regardless of format, I've been stuck with inactives, alts with mains on the other side, leaks, action seekers that unload and leave, or some combination of all of these. Worst of all, the devs do nothing to prevent this or fix it. At least with clan wars, I knew and could trust the people I warred with. There was also some thought put into builds and strategies implemented. With indis, it's a mixed bag of a few who are actually trying to win and those who just care about actions. Rather than being lazy and eliminating clan wars altogether, maybe think of better ways to ensure people don't abuse the system, such as max items given not being purely action based. This is by far one of the most asinine changes you guys have made in a while.

  16. I agree with your last few lines. Devs will have to take strict action against such accounts. When we report such accounts support team says "We will investigate and take action" What you will investigate I really wanna know. If someone did just 1 action and if he was reported no investigation is required just give a sword. Today I reported a noob of tier 2 for being inactive throughout war but he did 1 action towards the end to avoid sword and well he did escape because support team says"we will investigate" Another thing which u guys should work on casting more than 1 account in same tier should be a offense and both accounts should be banned for a week or two. You guys just see that alt plundered 10-15b koed 1 account did 50 actions he leaked less than 10 attacks so that alt did nothing wrong according to you all. Why you guys don't consider cc access and strategy leak? If I am a wc in one clan and if I have a cc access of my opponent I'll leak their x call in my cc and will win very comfortably. Is it so difficult to allow only 1 account in 1 tier rule? Wars will be 100 times better than what it is right now and remove that crappy 60 action theory. Some accounts just do 60 actions and leave especially ps accounts. Please work on these two drawbacks of indi wars and come up with a possible solution to make wars great again.
  17. Yes I am jealous of someone like you, who cast for wars once in a month that too against ffa clans. I have nothing else to do, so I am jealous of you. You should consider yourself lucky that all good lowland war clans died before you started doing ll wars or you would have ended up just like your friend hellbound. Anyways I am jealous of you because you win wars b2b against ffa clans. Sorry. Now you can say whatever you want I don't have time for peeps who do ffa wars do not expect a reply from me. It will be better if you will give some constructive inputs about wars here so that devs can improve war system I am sure you have learnt something after wcing against those ffa clans. Happy kawing.

  18. My constructive criticism to you is you can't smash with a floppy , you can think what you like but I was warring from the start of lowland wars and way before that also :) I tried one of these wars last night and I won also but that doesn't matter there's too many people that don't listen and that's inactive and that's gonna mole in these wars maybe if Devs banned ps and PS1 or made it so you would have to at least have 4 att based buildings then they could be fun ,

    Ps! I've forgotten more about wars than you will ever know and hellbound is not my friend he's just another ffa warrior like you who could never get into a decent clan to war .happy kawing
  19. This is a definite idea. If in the LL format only, it would be cheap and easy for hansels to just change build before casting. Could mix it up.
  20. Support