Update to Drop Rates

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  1. Sorry but I don't understand that decision! I've a small account that is 730 on ally leaderbord and can hit all kind of eB but now I've to put it on a clan that run wardeast and leave my clan and my friends????
    I think is not correct for the player that have ever play correctly and spend his money on this game.
    My small account can hit 200 mcs accounts on PvP but can't hit gomorax or lignabelua because the Legend items drop is decreased from 400 to 3 for every eb...
  2. [I've a small account, small from first day, that I've ever used to buy ally and it is 730 on ally leaderbord, and is items drop on gomorax and lignabelua is decreased from 400 to 3... is not correct]
  3. Is possible that this change is ok for all?
  4. I can hit players that have a good event items drop from gomorax or lignabelua but if I try to join to this eb my reward is max 4 items, indifferently if I hit 1 or 300 times!
  5. I’ve noticed too that the drop of my big account is increased!!! I think this is an a gift to the reach account!
  6. At your size you shouldn't even be able to hit GOTH/LOTL.
  7. He shouldn’t be able to hit about Eve....
  8. I’m 700 on ally leaderboard, I can hit every kind of eb
  9. I agree with this as well...
  10. I think another salient question is whether the devs will remove the ill gotten gains obtained through this glitch. This has created a huge imbalance due to the influx of so many extra charms (let alone all the extra furniture given out). I see many similarities to the old building glitch that allowed trillions and quadrillions of gold to flood the ally market several years ago. This time the result is worse because certain people have used this charm drop rate glitch to accumulate literally thousands of extra charms.
  11. Ok, some people find the way to break the “normal flow of the game” site on the mind of the devs but I don’t understand why the common players have to be downgraded after long time of regular play
  12. Day late and a dollar short. *golf clap*.

    Not a real fix...typical ATA...carry on.
  13. Cry baby again why you missed -appleseeds-
  15. Turtle build 5 hit get max drop lol