Update to Drop Rates

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  1. Build more spy to increase drop rate
  2. Nice to see new devs at work
  3. Great job guys.. keep it up
  4. Thank you Winston! Nice work!

  5. It's to prevent people building new accounts and hitting Large ebs to obtain max drops.

    This should not affect the majority of accounts that play already. If new genuine players wish too start they can do it like the rest of us did.
  6. I think they’re referring to small turtle builds that get max items with few hits
  7. They should disable charms in events Like ASW And balance them right.. They are Just too OVer powerful.. Can even SB a Build 10 times smaller than me
  8. You didn’t fully fix the issue. The same accounts just grew beyond the parameters you set and are still receiving max items with 1 action .....B minus for effort
  9. Bruh. I'm ded, but this isn't fixed. :lol: Just requires a larger build by a little now.
  10. Did someone actually say they spent $40k buying charms??? Like real life $$$
  11. I'm also curious, was it always possible to build up a mid level build to the strength of a build complete player by being on allie lb top few? Cause I realized that Allies gave strength, but it didn't seem that Allies alone (unlike charms) could make someone --for example-- at 900mcs to be way stronger than someone at 4.5bcs, or make it impossible for certain players to even be attacked with a successful action by another player of similar raw build stat size..
  12. Back in ll days, lcbc was around 1mcs. To double your base stats (before eq, and all that), you had to own 50 other lcbc accounts.

    If you can scrape together 50 allies your size (or more allies who are smaller), your effective size doubles (in terms of raw strength to bfa). A lot of gold, but definitely doable if that's your playstyle.
  13. Was part of this update restricting use of building tokens during EBs? Can’t sell buildings to gain gold refunds, so now it will be a little more difficult to collect gold for upgrades. Isn’t there another option to stop the drop build glitch that doesn’t punish people who weren’t abusing the glitch?

  14. This.

    Also what was so bad about selling buildings during epics battles? With the introduction of crestplates I usually test my plunder when i unlock a new land to see what buildings i should build.
  15. Now I’ve learned as an admin with a role to initiate EBs I won’t be able to sell a building during the 15min start-up period as well. Honestly why are you punishing players who weren’t involved in this drop build glitch?
  16. Around 2 years ago or so, up to and during Season 5 of EE, I was a 3.6m cs sh with almost 2b of bfa stats(top 200 lb) ; essentially had static stats of 10m/10m/8m/10m in terms of CS... so yes, it is definitely possible to have many times your cs in bfa
  17. Before sh there where gh. high land build completes couldn't do crap against a gh with a huge bfa. Gh caused some pretty insane loops during that era of kaw and I will miss it... Also Tom I remember you well during s5 you where a tough sh.
  18. I agree with this actually. If I’m online I’m active in EB, basically meaning I can’t use build tokens anymore unless I want to upgrade as soon as I log in. Which in most cases doesn’t happen as I dump and log out during the work day. So if I come back later and eb is still on in the hour of free time I have before my RL at home I’m back to dump and log out thus rendering my build tokens useless. Sure I could do this before unloading Troops but after what? 6ish years of ebs I think we have all been programmed to dump troops upon log in. I can understand not allowing players to drop builds during eb but to not use tokens at all seems a bit much to me.