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  1. Drop Rates

    Hey y'all,

    As some of you have mentioned, there's been an issue with drop rates for certain smaller builds. I've made some changes to fix this. For the majority of players, you shouldn't notice a large difference with drop rates, but small builds will notice some changes, and really small builds which shouldn't be able to even hit certain EBs will no longer receive rewards from some of the harder EBs.

    This change is effective immediately

  2. What counts as small?
  3. There was a bug where you could get max drops with only 1 hit with a few lowland buildings. I imagine this fixes it.
  4. Thanks, never heard of that exploit
  5. You are definitely large enough for drops :) We're talking, like, first few weeks of play small.
  6. Hey Winston,

    Will you be doing anything to counter the massive stacks certain players own due to the now fixed exploit?
  7. Yes. Some action has already been taken, and we'll be looking at other options on top of that.
  8. What about players with legit stacks, i.e they have traded for and built the stacks over several months?
  9. Winston can you do something about old players coming back. Would help a lot if you guys give them welcome back gifts to get a leg up in starting over. Any player away for 3 to 4 years will have a hard time to keep up and stay on the game. I hope you consider trying to keep them playing again. Thank you
  10. I’m sure they’d be able to tell legit stacks from alt farmed stacks.
  11. I hope so because some dropped 40k buying charms 
  12. We all know who said person is lol
  13. Thank you !
  14. Is that my account?
  15. Wait so you are going to wipe the charm trade out ? Wow that’ll tick a lot of LB off since they are doing massive trades.
  16. Why is this getting fixed? This is more like RIP to Small Players
  17. Fix the War system add more Indi wars and different type KoS
  18. What about people like me who have built everything without wars or spending real money? Are we going to be punished for that?
  19. I don't think you're nearly small enough to be affected by the changes explained in this thread.
  20. Party time, thank god 