[UPDATE]Simple guide to improve KaW experience on Android

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  1. I found on the nexus one you need to click 5 times on the build number under about.
  2. Well I finally gotten the nougat update. Im not happy with it. After update I did factory reset and I dont install from back up. But still having major battery draining issues just being in standby mode... 3 batteries in an 8 hour work day just insane...
  3. Can you post a screenshot of your battery stats?
  4. Ty really helped improve speed 
  6. This is something my partner showed me a few years back.
    It most definitely helps decrease the strain on your phones Ram, and makes for a happy Kaw'er :)

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but another helpful tip from the other half was to remember to reset your phone daily, just like a PC.

    Also limit the amount of apps running in the background.

    You can select to restrict certain apps from using data in background thru settings :)

    And one more tip that may be helpful. Empty your phones 'cache partition' regularly. I do it every month.
    You can do this from the start up menu.
    (Usually accessed once your phone restarts by holding down the Home Key, Volume Up & Lock button all at the same time. Tho it could be different on some Droids)

    It'll keep your phone running faster for longer :)
  7. OK. Fixing to go try this. is there anything to do for windows 10 on laptop? Thank You
  8. Few remarks...

    Clearing cache has only one effect... Will cause redraws next time when you open the application. Cache files are created especially to speed up launching time. You erase the cache files and then one? Will be created again next time when you open the application.
    Limiting the amount of background processes have effect only on very old devices with low ram memory. On "today" devices limiting the background processes will just create an artificial bottleneck. Even low end devices are coming with 2Gb of ram memory. More than enough to handle several background processes. Especially if in a combination with Lollipop. About flagship devices really not need to talk. All flagships are coming with +3Gb of RAM memory.
    Just an example:

    Why on Earth would I limit the amount of background processes when I have over 3.5Gb of free ram? Ok, this device have 6Gb of ram which is overkill even by today standards. But even with 3 or 4Gb ram would be absolutely not needed to limit the background proccesses.
  9. lol why the he'll hasn't this thread been stickied yet? ...what you run out of post it notes or something? Take one off of one of Ashes lame threads and put if here :D
  10. Want to bump this up because everyone should still have it it helps
  11. I was wondering about this. At&t said if I rooted my phone then it will void the warranty. My question is how would they know if it was rooted? Is there some kind of alarm that notifies them? I just have a lot of crap on my phone that was put on here by google and at&t... Yes I have them disable but I dont want them on here...

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  12. To root you need to unlock the bootloader. Once you do that you have a huge ugly warning message at boot about your devices being untrusted. But if you have a warranty issue you can just flash a stock firmware, relock bootloader and you are good to go. They'll never know. Unlike Samsung devices where any change to boot partition will trigger KNOX, LG devices don't have such trigger.
  13. Thanks vlad I didnt know that about samsung... but thats good 2 know
  14. If you root I recommend you to use Magisk and not SuperSU. I don't trust Chainfire's SuperSU since is closed source and recently was purchased by some very shady chinese company. Magisk instead is opensource. And on top of that with Magisk Manager you can easily hide root and bootloader status therefore you'd pass SafetyNet test. There's several apps not working if root or unlocked bootloader are detected (i.e. Netflix, Pockemon GO).
  15. I don't think you should root your phone
  16. Okay...I'll stop doing it.
  17. Why would you need to enable MSAA? You don’t need Anti-Aliasing. This game is 2d and there are no 3D models with polygons lol