[UPDATE]Simple guide to improve KaW experience on Android

Discussion in 'Guides' started by IIIVladIII, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Is there a way to disable?
  2. Disable what?
  3. The feature
  4. I'm lost. What feature?
  5. You know, the feature.
  6. Oh...that one.
  7. Bump works good
  8. I can't find the ART option on my s5. Anyone with s5 able to help me out?
  9. Your S5 is running either on Lollipop either on Marshmallow. ART is the default runtime on both.
  10. no its not the nougat update (should be getting it next month maybe) its an update where lg added the menu and app drawer. At 1st lg g5 was missing the app drawer I was like wtf no... lol
  11. Ty helped a lot
  12. Very helpful! Thanks
  13. Omg I can hit fast enough to be like a bot now :) thanks
  14. Huge support!
  15. Thank you so much! My hubby and i both did this and everything is so much faster and it looks sharper too!! This is awesome thanks!
  16. KAWing on Android is a horrible experience ...ild almost rather not KAW tbh. So out of all threads this is one of the few EVER posted by a player that actaully helped other players with real usable info. This thread deserves a stickie thing ...or OP should get a star by his name or something, hell maybe even VK.

    If youre playing on Android this should be the 1st thing youre told when you start KAWing ...they should even put it in the tutorial.

    ...while eveyone praises Ashton for his back slapping useless taking up space threads :) :) :)